July 21, 2024

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TMD Rocks! 

"Man o man. Another tour wrapped up. This one proved to be one of the best. Been a col ride having been able to run this beautiful country with Sevendust, Drowning Pool and A New Revolution. What an amazing package that turned out to be. We started this tour off with a show in Saginaw @ The Annual Altered Skin Revolution. There we hooked up for a one off with old friend Kittie. Great Crowd. Played on the back of a semi truck in the street. That was a first for us. Reminded me of an old Dokken video except that we were still and not rolling down the road. It was good to see old friends, we toured with Kittie back in 2000 when Statement first came out. Killer tour that was back in the day. Next we were off to a brutal 600 mile drive towards Saratoga, NY to play their radio show with Godsmack, Alter Bridge, 12 Stones and Sevendust. That was a technical nightmare for us that day but the crowd loved us that night for sure. Thank you all for those awesome first 2 days.

Next few days we stayed in the city to visit New York and basically hang out, got the buy some Yankees stuff which was awesome to me. Next show was in Lancaster, PA on short notice to play to a nice crowd. Good warm up for the Sevendust run. Thanks to the people who came out to the Chameleon. Our next shows were in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cincy, Fort Walton Beach, Orlando and New Orleans. We could not thank you all enough for the support and love that was shown to us. Some of those cities we had not been to in a long time. It was awesome to still see that we have fans in those areas. And judging by the merch sales you still care about us. Wwe will be coming back for sure to these areas in a headlining situation.

Well we had a few days and then we headed off to the Ozzfest. We were not playing but we went to hang out since we knew so many people that this year. We did mention that if a band dropped off we would play for free. No one dropped off but we were ready just in case. Well got to see people I had not seen I a long while. Jamey from Hatebreed who was there playing with Kingdom Of Sorrow. Be sure to pick up that record. And if you see the band live show some love to my boy Derek Kerswell who is playing drums for them. He is also the drummer for our good friends in Seemless and Unearth. It was really fucking hot that day so my farmers tan was most definite on. LOL!!!! Headed over to the main stage to catch some of Cavalera Conspiracy. They were playing Sepultura songs but hey i love Sepultura. Pick up their new record if you have a chance. It rages. Headed back and by accident i caught the band Goatwhore. Man was i blown away. They sounded so good. Go check them out if you can. Saw my friends Drowning Pool. Fuck up of the day, when they were introduced as Devildriver, man i got so pissed and felt so bad. Those guys are family to us. But they got it right and they ate that crowd up. Was good to see my boys tear up their hometown. Next band i saw was The Sword. Another killer band to check out. Sevendust was next and they just tore it up .They were worried since so many bands were there from a heavier standpoint but the Texas crowd loved every minute of 7D. Next I headed to the main stage to catch our friends in Hell Yeah. Loved touring with those guys for sure. They were god and Vinnie was on it .Also i got to see the Dimebag tribute that included Jamey Jasta, King Diamond, Nick Bowcott, Max and Igor Cavalera, Jerry Cantrell, Kerry King, Lars Ulrich, Scott Ian and also to be included was Kirk Hammet but for some reason it did not happen. It was amazing to be so close to so many of these people I grew up listening to. Was quite star struck as they say. Not much going on till the mighty Ozzy and Metallica were to hit the stage. Wow, being so close to the that was amazing in my eyes. I went up from to see Metallica. We had a bet on the bus to see what song was going to be their first. Me and james my drum tech said Creeping Death, Andy and Jacob and Jason said Blackened. HAHAHA Me and James won. I was in heaven watching Metallica. I felt like that kid that has his entire room covered with Metallica posters, pictures and whatever else I could find. There no wall to be seen in my room. Just Metallica. Every song they started i got more and more excited and yes I watched the entire show. One of the biggest things for me was when Lars introduced King Diamond to come and sing the Mercyful Fate medley they covered a few years ago. man it was nice to see that since i am a huge fan of that Melissa record all those songs were on. I got to watch that part of the show on side stage and watching Scott Ian sing was even more exciting. Well after a long day and night i turned for a well deserved day off. Thanks to all of those that made our stay there very enjoyable. ZZZZZZZ.

Next was a couple of shows with our brothers in Drowning Pool. we hit Fayeteville Arkansas to play George's Majestic and Springfield, Il to hit up Club Chrome. Both shows were sick and thanks to all the fans that came out and tore it up with us. NExt was off to Chicago to play the House Of Blues with Sevendust. For a while ppl have been asking for us to come to Chicago, we always hit up Mokena just 30 minutes south of it. Well I was surprised to see not a very energetic pit. But they seemed please anyways and i had a blast. Thanx Chi Town for the love. Next was the trip to Lacrosse, Wi to play the center. The next 5 shows were to be with 7D, DP and A New Rev. 2100 hundred people came out to that first show. Man did they go off. Green Bay was next and they went off as well. Another killer show. Then it was off to Nonpoint's home away from home, Madison to play the Orpheum Theater .Really strange set up but the crowd loved it and we love Madison. We have always said that Wisconsin is NONPOINT COUNTRY. Off to the Dakota's. We had a day off then of of the scariest things happened to us. Our friends in Disturbed's crew bus just had a blowout and thank God no one was hurt .Well I am in my bunk and i heard the tire blowout. The first thing i thought was about that crew bus. I was fearing my life like I have never had before. It was the front passenger tire, our driver Uncle Donnie held it together and saved our lives. Well we got to the hotel and i caught with the Sevendust guys and headed to dinner and also caught the latest Ben Stiller movie. Funny as shit for sure. Robert Downey JR. was amazing. The next shows in Fargo and rapid city were amazing. our first times there and lot of love given to us by the crowd. We are looking to come back for sure.

More days off. Next day we headed to Mount Rushmore and look at the sites, then off to Deadwood to see an old fashioned Western Town. this is the town where Wild Bill was shot playing a card game. Cool history lesson. Next we made our way to Rockford IL to play at LT's cool small intimate club and they were fucking LOUD that night. Thanx for the amazing welcome back. Another two days off and we went to Grand Rapids. An amazing show at the Intersection. Thanks for coming out on short notice and with another show in tow, Hed Pe was playing, they are still around? Man do i miss that Hed Pe Broke tour we did. what a killer tour that was. Well we head to where next? Yes you got it, we made our way back to Flint, Mi to play The Machine Shop. Now this visit marks 7 in one year and broke the Hinder record of most visits to this club. In my mind this was the the best show here yet. e had some technical difficulties but the crowd loved us. This club is one of the few that i actually can hang out in the whole time and not get bored. the whole staff there love us. Thank you Kevin for everything you have done for us. Off to the Whiskey Venue. We played here prior with Drowning Pool and that show rocked but this show killed it. We wont talk about Dayton. Christian Teen Center? You Kidding me? Next was the last show in Columbus at the Newport Music Hall. Been a while for us here but the crowd was killer. Thanx again to all of Sevendust, Drowning Pool and A New Revolution and all of their crews for the killer tour. Also all the cool people we met on this run. Thank you for your hospitality and your love.

Stay tuned here this week for a very IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT."