July 13, 2024

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DIMEBAG DARRELL – Why Did The U.S. Government Kill Him?

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DIMEBAG DARRELL – Why Did The U.S. Government Kill Him? (Part 1)

of a 3 part report

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

In my opinion, late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott was not killed by a crazed fan as everyone wants you to believe.

I have determined that Dimebag was the victim of a very complex, top secret MK Ultra project conducted by the United States government. I am now ready for the first time to reveal the truth to the general public.

Back in 2004, when the tragedy happened on the stage at the Alrosa Villa club in Columbus, Ohio, it shocked everyone to their core. Never before had such a nightmarish event taken place like this incident. All these years later it is my belief that this was a test run for the MK ULTRA mind control program, also known as ‘Monarch’, carried out by the CIA.

They have now obviously accelerated their testing in most recent years with other horrendous mass killings at nightclubs orchestrated around the country to strike fear and gain control of the minds of all Americans.

Oddly enough, this tragic event in music history all started when 9/11 happened in 2001.

It forced PANTERA off their tour supporting the album Reinventing The Steel and is the last time they performed together as a band. The group was stranded In Ireland for 6 days due to the 9/11 attacks where they had just landed to start another leg of their tour.

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

PANTERA would ultimately disband for good in 2003.

9/11 has been proven to be an inside job carried out against the American people.

What is called ‘thermite’ has been found by scientists to be the catalyst in how those buildings were actually bought down. There is no possible way they could have fallen down from planes hitting them and starting fires.

My independent death investigation for Dimebag is going to prove that former US marine, Nathan Gale, was not the only person involved in the assassination of one of the all-time greatest guitarists in rock music history. There is a cast of characters involved who, although did not physically pull the trigger, I feel played a crucial part in the tragedy.

I will prove to the world that Nathan Gale was an unwitting assassin for the CIA.

Yes, that means he is just as much of a victim as the rock legend he was programmed to kill.

Dimebag’s killing was a perfectly orchestrated mind control operation. Anyone who thinks differently after reviewing the new evidence I put forth during my investigation is obviously under the same zombie-like trance of MK Ultra themselves.

The fact is the United States was supposed to shut down the MK Ultra mind control ops way back in 1973. The truth, however, is that these secret operations never ceased. The program name
was changed to ‘Monarch’, and literally thousands of programmed assets were put into action in all walks of life, and they are still available to be used at any time, for whatever reason they may be needed.

Yes, without a doubt, this psyop goes high level. The people involved in Dimebag’s murder are people you have always placed your trust in. Dimebag was killed during the George W. Bush presidency, perhaps the most corrupt person to ever occupy the White House.

Well, second most corrupt. No doubt his very own father takes first place.

Keep in mind George H.W. Bush Sr. was at one time the head of the Central Intelligence Agency.. and is now believed to be one of the key figures behind the assassination
of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas 54 years ago.

Together the Bush family it is now known to be responsible for millions of lives killed, thanks to putting America currently into the longest war in its history.

I believe Nathan Gale was placed into the monarch system because while he was serving in the military he showed the tendency of a person with mental disorder, where the CIA programmer can effectively split your mind in two. I feel that due to Gale’s advanced problems with his own saity, the young man was the perfect patsy to program to kill for the government.

During my investigation, I will give my readers more background on Gale’s time served in the military and his life after he was kicked out for being schizophrenic. I will help you understand
more clearly how something like this could happen.

Nathan Gale’s mother was also being controlled under MK Ultra as she was the person who purportedly gave her son a gun as a gift after he was allegedly kicked out of the marines for displaying major psychological problems.

That right there is a red flag. Big time. It makes no sense at all. Unless she was programmed to do it by her CIA handler, understand?

The horrific public assassination of a beloved musician was nothing more than a propaganda event for the NEW WORLD ORDER. It was the Illuminati’s way to create strong anti-gun sentiment in America, to strike great fear and generate negative publicity for the NRA, in an attempt to work closer toward finally stripping away one of the most important rights we have as a citizen of the USA and that is to bear arms, so you may protect your family at all times.

This gun grab continues to this very moment as the globalist elite have implemented a NEW WORLD ORDER. They don’t want a citizen uprising against the corruption, so that is why they don’t want any of us to be able to protect ourselves. False flag operations carried out by the CIA happen all the time.

Look around. Guns are being confiscated right now all over the United States thanks to the evil geoengineered weather attacks, understand?

The masses continue to exercise cognitive dissonance so they can dismiss the truth. It’s much easier to just keep their heads buried in the sand… then to deal with reality.

To rub it all in our faces even more, Dimebag was executed on the exact same day that John Lennon was assassinated by another MK Ultra programmed freak named Mark David Chapman.

Legendary rock great John Lennon was very outspoken against the Vietnam war, and the military industrial complex and elite bankers behind the secret Illuminati society would not tolerate his incredible influence on the masses, being the frontman for the biggest band of all time, THE BEATLES.

As the story goes, ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell is the one who allegedly talked DIMEBAG into walking away from PANTERA and forming a new band called DAMAGEPLAN.

One night Dimebag was purportedly upset about the ugly breakup that went down between himself and other PANTERA band member, Phil Anselmo, and he was discussing his life with Jerry Cantrell, who told Dimebag that he should just forget about that happening and start a new band.

Oddly, this would be the band that Dimebag was performing with when he was murdered on the stage on the evening of December 8, 2004.

In 1985, Jerry Cantrell moved from Washington to Dallas, Texas to join a band with a couple of buddies and worked at a music store. During that time, he had started a band with Vinnie Chas (Pretty Boy Floyd), called SINISTER.

In recent years, Cantrell’s main band ALICE IN CHAINS released “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” on May 28, 2013.

The album title refers to a belief held by some religious individuals that to confuse the masses of humanity, Satan himself planted dinosaur bones deep into the Earth to dissuade the faithful.

Cantrell has strong views, saying that he is “tired of hypocrisy of the organized religion and that the time has come for the humanity to grow up a bit”.

“We definitely didn’t write the song to stir up a fucking hornet’s nest. No one in the band claims to be an expert on religion, but the title of the song comes from something that a lot of people actually believe in. I think there’s overwhelming evidence that things aren’t working right now. We need to start growing up as a people. When you’re teaching people that being gay is a mortal sin, yet a good portion of the people teaching this are f–ing kids, there’s a huge problem.”

“It’s insane when a religion tells you it’s OK to strap a bomb on yourself to blow someone else up because they believe in something different. If a religion is teaching you that it’s OK to hurt somebody, exclude somebody, dominate somebody I have a problem with it. ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here’ just speaks to the lamer parts of how those things are taught and the shitty things we do to each other because of our different beliefs.”

Even more strange, “Satan hoof” was the nickname that late ALICE IN CHAINS frontman Layne Staley gave to Jerry Cantrell.

And satanic ‘devil’ imagery is placed all throughout the video for the ALICE IN CHAINS album title track.

There is a child depicted in the video watching a satanic TV program with a man enacting
having sex with the dismembered head of a costumed rabbit.

Come to me I’ll fill the hole

Why would I be Lying

End fan, all planned out

Offering a wonderful

Peace of mind worth buying

Bow down last round up

I am wise and you don’t know

A cloud is my home

Only some get in

Got a ‘maginary friend

The devil put dinosaurs here

Jesus don’t like a queer

Only some get in

The mockery and disdain for God and Christianity is apparent from Cantrell’s hateful, anti-Christian lyrics that tells us point blank he rolls with a 100% Luciferian belief system like many in rock music.

The Luciferian controlled catholic church and evil US government are comprised of big time satanic devil worshippers.

The estimate is around 4 million practicing satanists populate America today. What the hell do you think Yale’s ‘Skull And Crossbones” society was all about? Do you think those guys were playing checkers when they hung out back when both Bush’s were members?

No! They worshipped SATAN!!!

Once a Crowley… always a Crowley!

All you have to do is look more closely in the rock scene. Cantrell is good friends with Phil Anselmo, Dimebag’s ex bandmate, himself a known associate of the Church of Satan, having even performed as a vocalist with ALICE IN CHAINS once to honor the late Layne Staley.

Anselmo during his music career has used the alias “Anton Crowley”, which combines the names of Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey and occultist Aleister Crowley.

Anselmo shouted “Hail Satan” all night long each time I saw his other band SUPERJOINT RITUAL perform (who I saw them several times in 2003), and he signs off on his messages online typically referencing the mark of the beast: “… with integrity and Satanism…Hail Hate 666!!”

Also, Anselmo has been involved with a haunted house attraction entitled HOUSE OF SHOCK. Founded in 1992 by the ex-PANTERA lead singer and his friends. It started at a backyard party in New Orleans and is now operated out of a large wherehouse. There is a particularly intense area of the house known as the Church of Satan.

The House of Shock usually opens the first weekend of October and receives between 700 to 2,000-plus guests on Fridays and Saturdays, sometimes including big names like Will Smith.

Will Smith practices Kabbalah, which is essentially Luciferian worship.

Anselmo is no longer associated with House Of Shock, however, he now does his own haunted event for the public called Housecore Horror Fest.

Anselmo went on the record to essentially say that his animosity for Dimebag at the time was so great that he could do intense physical harm to Dime if he wanted to.

“DIMEBAG DARRELL Deserves To Be Beaten Severely” – Phil Anselmo

Though he has since denied he ever stated such negative words against his former guitarist and that the audio was altered from his controversial interview with Metal Hammer magazine, keep in mind, Anselmo continues to do interviews with this publication to this very day.

It is well known among researchers that the elite occult and the catholic church leadership conspire together to use celebrities such as actors and musicians to be programmed Monarch operatives, who can carry out their most insidious deeds.

I believe the glossy metal magazines and ‘click bait’ rock websites at the time colluded under Anselmo’s diabolical sphere of influence to create an environment ripe for a psychotic CIA robot to cause havoc like never before.

Anselmo inadvertently worked as the ‘trigger’, by making inflammatory statements to the press that would help ultimately set off the programmed killer Gale. Whether he wants to admit it or not, he played a big part in what happened and when I am done with my three part report I think you all will agree with me.

Oddly, in a 2015 interview I did with Anselmo, in a portion of the Q&A that was edited out from the text version, he made it a point to suggest that a PANTERA reunion would be ‘good money’… when many fans do not want to see the band do a reunion for that very reason. Nobody wants to see yet another disgraceful DIMEBASH “White Power” cash grab that does very little to honor Dimebag in my opinion. Instead that utter garbage event gets Anselmo a lot of write-ups. Again, it’s all about him in the end, see? It’s a pretty underhanded move when you think about it.

What person would ever make such a racially insensitive statement at an event honoring a band member they knew so well for so many years who was killed?

Phil Anselmo, that’s who.

Singer Patrick Lachman, who himself mysteriously totally dropped out of rock music altogether and is nowhere to be found today, wrote the haunting and prophetic song titles and lyrics for the only Damageplan album.

“Wake Up”, “Explode”, “Cold Blooded”, “Save Me”…

Even more peculiar, Lachman reportedly fought with Dimebag over having to perform any PANTERA songs.

Suspiciously, Lachman also was the very first person to run off the stage leaving Dimebag and others alone to deal with the gun toting madman. Three other men were killed trying to save Dime.

Two out of those three men (Erin Halk & Nathan Bray) did not personally know Dimebag. They were total strangers.

Lachman showed his true colors. He wimped out. He simply yelled “Call 911” to the startled audience and jumped off the stage. He did nothing else to help.

Some tough guy he turned out to be.

Lachman next sold his home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and moved far away.

Dime’s girlfriend, Rita Haney, went on the record to state: “Pat was not who we thought he was…”

(Pictured: HALFORD band, Lachman is on the far left)

Prior to his stint in DAMAGEPLAN, Patrick Lachman was a guitarist in the band HALFORD with openly gay singer Rob Halford of JUDAS PRIEST fame.

I actually saw Lachman perform with HALFORD band once at the House of Blues in L.A. and he wore really tight pants and was dancing with a super curly hairstyle, mainly looking really excited prancing close to Rob while playing guitar, like the two were lovers or something. Whether they really were or not… only those two can tell you. I just found it funny how Lachman all the sudden switched to a new bald tough guy look with a goatee as if trying to copy the devil worshipping Phil Anselmo the best he possibly could when he hooked up with Dimebag.

Think about it. Lachman might have been under CIA blackmail for some ‘x rated’ photos or video held over his head depicting him engaged in homosexual sex, and potentially did not want that to get out to the public.

This would mean he was now a CIA puppet man. They could use Lachman however they wished.

Thus, I feel the MK Ultra hit on Dimebag was developed by higher ups in the US government as a way
to take advantage of the bitter PANTERA breakup and to test the waters for future mind control of the American population.

It is my belief that Lachman himself was placed under the monarch MK Ultra program at some point prior to meeting Dimebag at a NAMM show in L.A. in 2003.

When he wrote the lyrics for the DAMAGEPLAN album he was essentially forecasting the nightmare that was to come.

The CIA saw Lachman as the perfect operative. This totally explains Lachman’s seemingly distant, nonchalant demeanor when talking about the tragedy to others right after it happened. He even went on performing in other bands immediately afterward that failed and never got off the ground.

I also watched Lachman perform live in person one night with his new band that was strangely called THE MERCY CLINIC in 2006 and before he went on the stage at The Viper Room in Hollywood he looked like he was in a classic ‘monarch trance’ standing next to me at the bar. I assumed he had a lot on his mind. But now in retrospect, he totally appeared to a programmed robot simply going through the motions that would lead one to believe he was still suffering the effects of being under CIA control even at that point in time.

And you never see or hear from Patrick Lachman in the past 7 or 8 years. It is like he fell off the earth. He went from being one of the most visible rock personalities to not one word or sighting anywhere. Nothing.

If he was indeed deemed a perfect frontman for the CIA, due to having the ability to disassociate and use his incredible charm to lure in his victim, he certainly could have been used by the government to help carry out the conspiracy to kill Dimebag.

The fact that the FAKE NEWS media reports made a big deal about Gale not taking his “meds” before the murder spree makes one think this is another way for big pharma to get publicity. Use scare tactics and sensational headlines that help sell their pharmaceutical products.

“You need to stay on your medication… or you could do something insane like this too”… is how they want everyone to think.

I know for a fact that Patrick Lachman was playing a role in DAMAGEPLAN. My wife actually grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, and she knew the Abbott brothers personally and hung out with the band, attended all their local gigs, going back to when she was a teenager in the eighties. She knows one dude in specific, a good friend of Dime’s and everyone in the rock music scene here. And without giving up his name, I can tell you that he is the one that Patrick modeled his look after 100%. The goatee, earrings, and cowboy hat look. No doubt Lachman was playing a part and looked totally out of place. Everyone who lives in the DFW metroplex will tell you the same damn thing. It was apparent Lachman was trying too hard to fit in.

Also, last year a suspicious post was shared online by a news station that published the graphic
Alrosa Villa death scene photos, another way for the Illuminati to taunt everyone about the CIA created tragedy all these years after the fact and rip open a horrible wound that had finally begun to heal.

This sort of tactic comes directly from the CIA handbook for mind control of the masses.

A former military man with the NSA named Michael A. Aquino was a known to be a high-level satanic priest with the Church of Satan and MK Ultra/Monarch handler for the CIA allegedly responsible for conducting these types of clandestine operations against American citizens.

Back 16 years ago, Aquino would have still been active. He founded The Temple set, which was established in the United States in 1975. Aquino, an American political scientist, military officer, and a high-ranking member of Anton LaVey’s Church Of Satan became unhappy with the direction in which LaVey was taking the Church, so he resigned and – according to his own claim – embarked on a ritual to invoke Satan, who revealed to him a sacred text called The Book of Coming Forth by Night.

The goal of The Temple set is to achieve “deification”… or what is called “apotheosis”.

In theology, apotheosis refers to the idea that an individual has been raised to godlike stature.

Aquino himself was a Psychological Warfare Specialist in the US Army from 1968 until 1990.

However, through The Temple Set he remained highly influential in both the intelligence and satanic community afterward.

In 1967, Aquino began a two-year tour of duty in Vietnam, taking part in the infamous Phoenix Program. The Phoenix Program was an assassination/torture/terror operation that was initiated by the CIA.

In 1992, Peter and Pamela Freyd established the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF). The original board members included doctors who were directly involved in MKULTRA mind-control programs.

“The False Memory Syndrome Foundation was created by known pedophiles and its board was fortified with CIA mind-control experts who cut their teeth on MKULTRA victims. Many of them are known to be closely associated with Michael Aquino. This organization of pedophiles and mind-control experts have been very instrumental in covering for Aquino and other pedophiles while destroying the lives and careers of their victims, the victim’s families, and their therapists, even long after these pedophiles performed their vile acts against them.”

Aquino’s name also has been tied to major pedophile trafficking.

According to his own book “The Church Of Satan” there is a section which notes:

“Dennis Wheatley, a British intelligence officer during World War II, went on after the war to write a great many novels of romance and adventure, not unlike those of his wartime associate Ian Fleming. In one of his novels, The Devil Rides Out (1934), Wheatley presented a coven of elite Satanists in London, gathering in secret mansions to conjure up frightful dæmonic entities from candle-lit magic circles. When not engaged in such monstrous ceremonies, they were the very model of upper-class society, enjoying the most expensive cigars and wines along with their vintage Rolls-Royce luxury automobiles.

Why haven’t the authorities or anyone else done anything about these crimes?

The police are all masons. They belong to the same cult. They’re not here to serve and protect.

Just like nobody was going to really save anyone in those buildings on 9/11. The US government murdered thousands of its own citizens to sell a false narrative and put us back in war.

I’m afraid the police, like the military, are only here to serve and protect their fellow cult members and handlers.

As the story goes, Aquino was allegedly found to be killing kids back in 1987 and making snuff films. He was not brought to justice due to the fact that he was protected by his powerful friends in the CIA.

Purportedly Michael Aquino had ties with journalist and novelist, Hunter S. Thompson, who was best friends with actor/musician Johnny Depp. Thompson was known to direct ‘snuff films’ purchased for big dollar amounts by the wealthy where kids were murdered and others under MK Ultra were forced at gunpoint to have intercourse with the dead corpse.

This scandal – now in modern day called PEDOGATE – goes from the government all the way thru Hollywood and rock music. There are many different trafficking rings that have been involved over many decades, and the body count is staggering.

Johnny Depp is believed to be a bi-sexual satanist, who at one time was co-owner of The Viper Room club. The same venue where I saw Patrick Lachman ‘lost in a classic monarch trance’ before performing with his new band in 2006.

It is known Michael Aquino still served as an advisor on certain projects for the CIA well into the
21st century, and he is still doing interviews in 2017 as if he’s some kind of big celebrity we need to keep paying attention to. It is an absolute disgrace and travesty of justice that this man walks free today.

He is believed to be behind the disappearance of young Johnny Gosch and the one who helped develop the boy into a top secret male escort, but the victim list is longer than your arm, and the ongoing mass corruption among the police departments in the USA is jaw dropping.

Gosch is said to have been groomed from early youth into adulthood to be a White House prostitute, and may still be alive today under CIA control.

Looking more closely at the Columbine shooting. One of the surviving victims parent claimed that Bill Clinton was part of a sex ring which involved the Columbine shooters. Apparently, their parents believe that the shooters were being harassed at school by other students because they knew the shooters had been sexually abused by the police in their town.

In one of the drawings made by either Eric or Dylan ,the shooter, illustrates 4 boys on their knees & cops behind them . The parents claims this was a depiction of sexual abuse.

Instead the mainstream media blamed it on the boys listening to heavy metal music.

Just like the media said Dimebag “had it coming to him” when he was shot at point blank range while playing his guitar for a club filled with people.

He played devil music so he must have been a bad person is what you hear from people when they don’t know anything about Darrell Lance Abbott. He was a beautiful human being and radical guitar player that died way too young.

My goal is to get to the bottom of what really happened on Dec 8, 2004 at Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio, and I respectfully don’t care what people think about me conducting this investigation. It should have been done a long time ago, in my opinion.



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