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Are TMZ & The Detroit News Trying To Cover-Up Murder?

TMD Fights For Chris!

Are TMZ & The Detroit News
Trying To Cover-Up Murder?

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

In what has certainly turned into the biggest rock story in recent memory, the ongoing CHRIS CORNELL death investigation conducted by THE METAL DEN tonight will go into deeper detail
on the final night of the rock star’s life. Is this turning into the largest rock n roll cover-up
of all time? From the way the media is behaving… it sure is starting to appear that way.

As the story goes, Chris Cornell arrived in the city of Detroit during the day on May 17th for a SOUNDGARDEN concert at Fox Theatre scheduled for later that night. Having returned back from spending time with his wife and children for Mother’s Day, Chris next would stand in front of a sold out crowd of 5,000 screaming fans, performing many of his most classic songs.

He walks off the stage at 11:15 and stands in front of the theatre signing autographs. He is surrounded by security and was next escorted to MGM Grand Hotel where he signs more autographs and then takes the elevator up to room #1136.

Chris’ bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, purportedly gave the musician two Ativan from Chris’ prescription bottle at 11:35 PM.

Yet, somehow, according to the autopsy Chris also has butalbital in his system, a sedative used to treat migraines and not to be mixed with other pills – and it was introduced into his system around 24 hours before his final show. If the bodyguard was in charge of monitoring an ex-addict’s medication, why would he give Chris more Ativan when he clearly appeared to be impaired and on a steep decline about the midway point of the set? He has also been pictured with a bloody wound on his head directly around the scalp region and a large chunk of his hair is obviously missing.

We know from the presence of blood at the scene, 99% of the time, according to forensic experts, it’s not ever supposed to be found in hanging cases. Was the head wound Chris displayed at the concert potentially reopened during a purported altercation between Chris and his bodyguard in room #1136?

Next, Martin Kirsten went to Chris’ hotel room to help him with his computer (or Apple TV). He never himself once makes mention that something is wrong with Chris, right? Isn’t that HIS JOB to make sure of that?

At some point after Chris’ bodyguard left his room, Chris spoke to his wife Vicky Cornell on the phone.

(Photo credit: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty)

After the phone call with Chris, Vicky is said to have called his bodyguard with concerns that Chris was slurring his words badly, seemed ‘aggressive’ and might be relapsing into his old ways.

Wait a minute. The bodyguard was just with Chris. So next Vicky Cornell is said to have asked the bodyguard to go check on Chris to make sure he was all right. Although Detroit Press has reportedly changed things up, from “angry” to “distraught”, in an apparent attempt to again change the narrative.

Being “angry” and arguing with Chris on the phone fits with the belief that there was trouble in the marriage for several years due to the alleged pilfering of the Cornell charitable foundation money that was to be used to help abused kids. Instead, 90% of the proceeds never went out to helping children.


My next question is very basic and straight up. Why is the news media engaged in this type of misleading activity? The details can’t keep being changed… just because someone needs for them to appear to the public differently. FYI, that is called ‘obstruction of justice’, and carries a ten year prison sentence.

TMZ claims that blood is normally found at the scene of a hanging. When the experts say that is simply not the case… (full arterial occlusion occurs when hanging shutting off blood’s ability to move above ligature) and I spoke directly to two active US medics.

One of the experts informs us:

“Yeah, when a person is hanging they don’t bleed… if you nicked ’em or pricked them on the skin nothing would come out you would need to do a much deeper penetration or even hit a major artery for blood to start coming out.”

Who are you going to believe a gossip site or an actual medic with a license plus ten years of work experience?

(No, that is not a FAKE smile… that is REALLY the way Harvey Levin of TMZ looks when happy!)

After all, if this does turn into an epic murder trial one day, they will call a real medic to speak in front of your honor and the jury on the subject, got it? I can guarantee you it won’t be The People’s Court host Harvey Levin!

Some say Chris abruptly hung up on his wife, while saying “I’m tired” over and over, although Vicky Cornell says that is not true. She likes to confuse all of us regularly, understand? She’s gotten really good at it by now, right?

At 12:15AM *or 12:05 Chris’ bodyguard Martin Kirsten knocked on Chris’ hotel room door but he didn’t answer. The bodyguard tried to unlock the door with his room key, but the door was manually locked from the inside. He then called security to let him in the room because he was worried for his boss’s well-being.

Hotel security supposedly refused to let Chris’ bodyguard into the room. However, we know this is not true, because hotel policy is that once they are contacted about an emergency of a hotel guest, it is their LEGAL OBLIGATION to immediately send over medical assistance.

The bodyguard next claims to have kicked in the hotel room door, claiming it was latched from inside.

Yet there is no major damage to the door itself or door frame at all.

And the swing latch has clearly been broken off by someone while it was not engaged. Just observe
the vertical break pattern. A sharp, powerful kick easily removes that when someone is in the room not seen by the security camera, understand?

The bodyguard finds Chris 1) unresponsive on the bathroom floor with a red exercise band secured around his neck with a clip.

Or 2) He’s still attached to the door from partially hanging.

Funny thing is all the media outlets are reporting the newly released 911 call reporting Chris Cornell’s suicide as being made at 12:56am May 18 2017… when this is the time they were to have arrived on the scene. They chose to post this one instead of the earlier YOUTUBE version which crime reporter George Hunter believes was not ‘relevant’ to the investigation. And it has allegedly been missing from the Detroit PD audio archive since. The medic during this call which happens at 1:30 when they pronounced Chris dead, states clearly for the record: “signs of strangulation… head trauma…” and then he is fed a line in the room by the only person standing nearby who would know anything about Chris’ medical background: Martin Kirsten, his bodyguard.

“History of Depression”… the medic blurts out.

Here is the text version released by Detroit News.

911: Detroit 911 what is the address of the emergency?

MGM employee: 1777 3rd street the MGM Casino

911: Tell me exactly what happened

MGM: I have a non responsive guest in the hotel, it’s a 50-year-old male in room 1136

911: Ok, non-responsive hes not breathing?


911: Is anyone doing CPR?

*at the hotel in the background someone says ‘hanged himself’

911: Did they start CPR?

MGM: They found out that the guest was attempting to hang himself, so they are trying to get him down so they can assist with CPR

911: Ok ill request units

It has also been reported Chris was found 1) On the floor of the bathroom, according to the autopsy, and in the police report 2) at the foot of the bed, which happens to be outside the bathroom.

Do you see all the discrepancies that everyone in the public sees with this case?

Chris is wearing a torn shit. There is also a massive bloody stain on the carpet (seen above via Daily Mail, later to be mysteriously taken down) which is consistent with a body being moved after it is unconscious and injured. These two things are almost always found in fabricated suicide scenes, according to the experts.

The bodyguard reportedly calls hotel security again. At 12:56 AM the hotel medic arrived, and she is said to be the one who first removed the red exercise band from Chris’ neck and performed CPR. Despite Theodore Brown’s autopsy stating the opposite, that Chris was pulled down, the cord “loosened” and bodyguard performed CPR. Kirsten claims he used one arm to do the chest compressions.

Yet, Chris still somehow suffers 9 rib fractures?

The medical expert weighs in:

“When I performed CPR one handed on an elderly woman rolled up into a fetal position once I did not break one rib on her and she was very fragile.”

Homicide was ruled out after Detroit PD viewed the hotel surveillance with the bodyguard and saw that no one entered Chris’ hotel room between the moment Martin Kirsten left after assisting Chris with his computer and the time the bodyguard kicked in Chris’s hotel room door and found him on the bathroom floor.

But yesterday THE METAL DEN posted an article that totally debunked the ruling of suicide with the “Latch Theory”.

If the latch was indeed shut from inside by Chris Cornell, he would have also locked the dead-bolt. Chris had in fact been reportedly saved by his own bodyguard from a crazy stalker a couple years earlier. So being in fear of psycho fans, don’t you think Chris would have made certain nobody could run in on him trying to kill himself? The door itself may even be a keyless deadbolt door lock, which means it does not need to be manually turned for it to work. Basically, once the door shuts after someone walks inside the room it shuts closed and fully engages on its own.

It is my opinion that TMZ and The Detroit News are either really really stupid or they are knowingly planting false information in their stories to sell the false narrative of suicide. Why? NO DAMN IDEA!

If that ultimately turns out to be true, and this case gets reopened again and is changed to a homicide, some high level news executives could find themselves in a world of trouble for publishing so many false stories. Something like that could bring down a large media empire with the snap of a finger, if the public truly rises up with utter outrage.

I mean, if this does turn out to be a what I think it is… we are talking about the most diabolical and mainstream-wide scheme to change the narrative of a homicide in American history.

For starters, stating that over 90% of people suffer rib fractures during CPR, when TMD has proven that a recent study from 2015 says the number is 1 out of every 3… the fact is you are simply not telling the truth. You are nowhere near the facts. TMD’s expert is on record saying, ‘typically 1-3 ribs will break’ if they do at all and extreme injuries of 10 or more breaks with internal bleeding happens less than 2% of the time.

According to the police report, Vicky Cornell is the one who told Martin Kirsten to kick the door in.

So why would there be a problem with Chris at all if the last thing he said to Vicky is “I am tired”, right? The man was exhausted from performing a rock show and is not young any longer. He was in his early fifties. And how do we know or not if Chris was merely taking a crap before he went to bed?

Who said anything was wrong?

And if Vicky was so “distraught” for Chris’ well being when she gets off the phone with him at 11:35 why doesn’t she just call the front desk and tell them to dial 911?

Reportedly Vicky claims she did try to call the front desk but they hung up on her. So instead it takes 40 minutes for the bodyguard to get down to Chris’ room when he was only staying two doors down the hallway?

And once he is in the room with Chris it is not for another 41 or 51 minutes until someone truly begins performing CPR.

Think about that. Think really really hard.

And Chris being down as long as he was, you hear on the EMS audio “Unknown down time”, well
that is because his next words are “Cold to the touch all over”, and so that along with putting an intraosseous (IO) infusion into him and not a regular IV, due to the fact he had been down for way too long tells us they would not even really perform CPR on him. Chris was clearly NO LONGER ALIVE and was officially pronounced dead at 1:30.

When Martin Kirsten allegedly feeds the line “History of depression” to the medic via the pronouncement 911 audio in room #1136, police had not yet ruled out homicide in the case, right? That is their own words. So what was Martin Kirsten doing making a statement like that about his boss, the man he was paid to protect? He did not know if Chris had been murdered or committed suicide like anyone else in the room… or did already know what really happened and was just trying to sell a narrative that would help keep his ass out of prison?