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“The Latch Theory”: How It Proves Murder In Room #1136


(This report originally posted on July 12, 2017)

“The Latch Theory”: How It Proves Murder in Room #1136

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

The hotel ‘swing bar’ is seen on most hotel doors throughout America. Here is the official description:

Swinging Door Latch Bolt Hasp Lock Anti-Theft System


Premiere latch maker Muradin details the item: “Nothing opens them except a person inside. They are high quality designed to provide increased security for wood or metal doors, allows door to be opened only slightly for ventilation or viewing while resisting possible forced entry, and they cannot be unlocked from the outside.”

According to the newly released police report:

“On the brown carpet floor is a broken locking latch that has been forcefully detached from its system.”

So, the only possible way that latch is broken free from its system is when the bodyguard kicks
in the door that was not latched from inside. He fools everyone by busting the latch prior to that, so it appeared as if it was broken off during full engagement, because there is no possible way that door would have opened all the way from being kicked outside. It is specifically designed so that does not happen.

In the police report, Kirsten says he kicks the door 6 or 7 times and ‘somehow’ gets the door open.

Well, the only way he could have got that door to open is if it was not latched from the inside.

The maker of the product adds:

“Once the door has been closed from the inside and the the latch ‘tongue’ is inserted into
the body of the metal locking mechanism there is no way to open it again unless you are on the inside.”

Martin Kirsten would have damaged his foot or ankle had he actually attempted to kick in a latched shut from inside door. And there certainly would have been way more physical damage to the jam of the doorway and the actual swing bolt locking mechanism. You would have seen stripped out screws and busted off plating, etc.

(Pictured: Broken Latch on Floor of Room #1136)

Looking closely at an official photo of the door after it was kicked in by Martin Kirsten. It is easily
noticeable that the ‘break pattern’ of the door latch was upward from bottom to top, not side to side, and the only way that could have been accomplished is kicking it off the door when the person was inside the room, and it was not latched.

All you have to do is use common sense when looking at the busted latch (see above) and the ‘break pattern’ that does not fit with being broke while in full engagement. The vertical break pattern that is seen, not horizontal, with no lift of the metal plating or any stripped screws, show us that this latch was broken while not engaged. It was kicked off most likely prior to 12:15 a.m. when the bodyguard put on a show to kick the door down for the hallway video camera.

I would like to also debunk Detroit News and their belief that ribs get broken all the time. They are wrong.

TMD has learned from a 2015 published medical report:

“It is generally considered that at least 1/3 of resuscitated patients sustain rib fractures.

“In the period 2011–2013 accompanying severe injuries occurred in only 1.85% of cases”

And the ‘running blood’ Chris displayed at the scene is due to the serious internal injury he suffered with 9 rib fractures. It is found in 99% of homicidal ligature strangulation and only 1% of suicide hangings.

Look at all the blood seen in the bathroom where Chris was found. That simply does not happen in hangings.

(Photo Credit TMZ)

A nursing expert comments about crime reporter George Hunter’s claim ‘scanner chatter’ is not important:

“EMS are trained to assess the situation. It damn sure is at the ER we write down report from EMS and give that info to the coroner too.”

What also seems off with Martin and Vicky’s story is that anyone that called the MGM Hotel and stated that they were concerned about Chris Cornell’s well-being it falls on the hotel property to go and check on that person and not doing that the hotel’s owner can be potentially sued for not doing a safety check.

According to the newly released police report, Vicky Cornell purports to have tried
to call the front desk but someone hung up on her.

My belief is nobody called for help as long as they could. Think about it. If they actually called for the hotel’s help, they would have sent staff and security over to help immediately and that would have gotten in the way of Martin’s time to control the body like he did from 12:15 until the first actual medic arrives at 12:56. 41 minutes later.


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