June 19, 2024

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CHRIS CORNELL – Killed For Pulling Plug On His Foundation?

There have been many people raising questions about the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation being at the root of the marital woes between the couple who allegedly were on the way to divorce court had Chris stayed alive, according to an industry source. According to the following post shared on Reddit, the mishandling of the foundation funds was rampant.

The post has this to say about the strange dealings at the foundation:

“A few things seem odd to me about the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation.
The website has been blacked out since at least a few days before Chris passed. It isn’t down. It just returns a black page (http://chrisandvickycornellfoundation.org/). If you view the page source, it looks like a WordPress site with a plugin called SeedProd used for putting sites in maintenance mode. If you search chrisandvickycornellfoundation.org on the Wayback Machine (https://web.archive.org/web/*/chrisandvickycornellfoundation.org/) there is a blacked out snapshot from May 12, 2017. The last snapshot before that was October 24, 2016 and shows what the site used to look like.

The Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This means that they have to file a Form 990 each fiscal year to provide financial information about the organization’s assets, expenses, etc. to the public. This site has tax documents for fiscal years 2012, 2013, and 2014: https://www.citizenaudit.org/organization/461543070/CHRIS%20AND%20VICKY%20CORNELL%20FOUNDATION/

I have searched on other sites for Form 990’s but have only found those three years. Year 2012 is a bunch of zeroes presumably because they had just started that year. Year 2013 shows $205,856 in contributions, gifts, grants, etc. with $95,286 in operating and administrative expenses and $16,000 going to two organizations helping youth in Seattle ($8,000 each). Year 2014 shows $27,312 in contributions, gifts, grants, etc. with $261 in operating and administrative expenses and $0 going out to achieve the mission of the foundation.

What is particularly strange to me about all of this is that Chris did a solo tour in 2013 where he sold meet and greet packages for $850 each (https://www.ifonly.com/music/product/250/international-tour-meet-greet) and a Soundgarden tour with NIN in 2014 where he sold meet and greet packages for $1,200 each (https://www.ifonly.com/music/product/1964/meet-greet-with-chris-cornell-during-soundgarden-nine-inch-nails-tour) to benefit the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation.

This is in addition to the sale of a custom motorcycle, autographed guitars, $1 of each ticket sale, set lists, guitar picks, etc. (http://noisecreep.com/chris-vicky-cornell-auction-for-charitable-child-protection-foundation/)

I understand that there is overhead for this stuff. He probably needed extra security for meet and greets. Gibson guitars and motorcycles cost money. I’m sure the ifonly.com company (Traina Interactive in the tax documents) that processed the sale of all of this stuff took a nice cut. However, the numbers seem really low for two years of touring with so much energy supposedly going to this cause.”

TMD has learned according to the fiscal money report for the foundation in 2015 (missing from the above financial record) only 8% of the over all $250,000 taken in went back out to help abused kids.

It seems that the abuse of the money that was essentially Chris Cornell’s is what could be the smoking gun for what lead to the purported deadly fight that took place between Chris Cornell and his bodyguard in room #1136.

Did Vicky getting cut off from access to the foundation money that Chris wanted to go to helping kids somehow lead to his death?

And if Chris was so mad he was going to fire his bodyguard after the concert once he told his wife he was leaving her on the phone (and not some silly conversation about his ear-ins), did that lead to a fight between the two men?

According to Rolling Stone Vicky Cornell stated that the bodyguard has a key card for
room #1136.

So if Martin Kirsten had a key card the entire time he could have very well entered the room the very first time he goes to visit Chris and supposedly gives him the Ativan, taking him by surprise and perhaps this is when a deadly altercation takes places as TMD reported already and Chris is grabbed into a what is called The Carotid Death Choke, it’s like a sleeper hold. The police banned it from usage due to it unintentionally killing suspects.

This way the ‘latch theory’ originated at TMD site is totally proven correct, as well as the forensic science which says most bodies at 70-80 room temp take 2 hours to get cold to touch
all over body. Well if the medic made that very statement to 911 at 1:30AM you just push back
the clock 2 hours to 11:30PM and that is when the bodyguard is alone with Chris.

So was Chris in the bathroom, or taking a rest or working at his desk and the
altercation takes place?

No doubt the head trauma confirmed by EMS as well as video evidence and still photos of Chris
Cornell’s bloody scalp and large chunk of missing hair during his last concert.

Did that happen before the final SOUNDGARDEN gig when Chris was still at home that morning
before he flew out. Did he have words with somebody? If not his wife, who else?

Maybe his bodyguard?