July 13, 2024

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CHRIS CORNELL – Did A Fight Spark His Murder?

Truth For Chris!

Did SOUNDGARDEN frontman Chris Cornell get into an altercation before and after his final concert on May 17th with his bodyguard and this is what led to him being killed?

Evidence of Chris Cornell having a head wound is fully seen during the last concert
and is heard reported via the EMS call as well during his observation of Chris when making his remarks back to 911 dispatch. Although, the autopsy did not mention it.

A “torn shirt” was mentioned in the autopsy. We know according to the forensic science
that a torn shirt is a hallmark sign of a ‘struggle and fight’ in strangulation cases.

TMD has learned from a rock industry source that Chris did not want to be out on the current SOUNDGARDEN tour. They did not have a new record to promote. The late rock legend is said to have wanted to instead be working on his band’s new album, this according to an insider’s shocking account of what is purported to have happened in room #1136.

Was Chris indeed forced out onto the road for these final shows? Was he being set up so he would go down in court for a lot of money in a potential bitter divorce trial?

The source claimed Vicky Cornell allegedly hired professional bodyguard Martin Kirsten
to be her ‘eyes & ears’ paid extra well to gather dirt on Chris, as she suspected him of having affairs on the road, all to be used against him later in what would be an epic divorce battle, this according to the anonymous source.

“Chris was planning on leaving Vicky,” the source said. “Although there was no other woman he was messing around with.”

This might explain why the rocker typed “No More Bullshit” in his final tweet.

The source claims the rock star’s lackluster vocal performance during the last gig further irritated Chris and when he got back to his room after the show he was extremely agitated.

Perhaps it was a major argument that was carried over from earlier before the gig, but in room #1136 an alleged fight broke out between the rocker and his personal security. And his bodyguard being trained at restraining people with a sleeper hold, a common move used by police or security, used that move next to subdue the famed musician.

According to the official forensic science, TMD has learned that when petechial hemorrhages in the eyes are found in a case of suspect hanging, the presence of petechial hemorrhages strongly suggests the victim was hung when they were still alive.

Along with ‘congestion in the head’ above the neck ligature that was reported by Detroit Medical Examiner Theodore Brown in Chris’ autopsy, which is only possible with strangulation not hanging, according to the forensic science.

Not only did the Detroit police miss major clues on the scene that point to strangulation but the Detroit coroner totally botched the autopsy too.

So in death Chris was essentially turned into a suicide case because the scene ‘fit’ certain characteristics and the person who was clearly feeding EMS lines, believed to be the bodyguard, tells him to say ‘history of depression’, right?

This is the first official evidence that a cover-up of Chris Cornell’s murder has happened.

Since the forensic science has irrefutably proven to us already that Chris was strangled due to the ‘head congestion’ found above the ligature not at all possible with hanging, it’s clear this was the moment on record that is 100% the ‘smoking gun’ which proves the case is undoubtedly a homicide and NOT suicide!!

Military and police types have been trained today to subdue suspects or people on behalf of the celebs they guard for a living use what is called a “Sleeper hold”. But if that type of hold is applied with too much force and for too long a duration it can take the life of someone. The hold used
by law enforcement became known as the the ‘police choke’.

What if indeed it had to be used on the celebrity one is paid to protect?

A properly-applied sleeper hold shouldn’t put pressure on the throat. that would make it a ‘police choke’ hold, now illegal, because it was actually starting to kill too many people they used it on.

It’s the pressure across the carotid artery that is supposed to cut off the blood supply to the brain, depriving the brain of oxygen.

The classic ‘sleeper hold’ mimics the effects of elevated blood pressure. The baroreceptors are stretched by the external pressure and fire off a signal telling the brain to reduce heart rate and shunt blood to the limbs. It also stimulates a fainting response in the brain and the person passes out well before any lack of blood/oxygen to the brain occurs.

So although it’s more or less true to say that it works by cutting blood flow to the brain, the sleeper hold actually works by tricking the brain’s own defense mechanism into causing it to shut down. This is much faster and way less damaging than actually depriving the brain of oxygen.

If you maintain the hold after the suspect passes out for too long, it can lead to great bodily injury and possibly death.

Did the bodyguard fear Chris was maybe gravely injured or worse, actually dead, from the sleeper hold and just decided to stage the scene to save himself from having to possibly serve any time in prison for the crime?

In that moment, in fear of of the worst, did the man paid to protect Chris Cornell actually
decide to cover up the rock star’s murder?

So instead of calling for help… what does the bodyguard paid to protect Chris do? Well, according to the EMS response which was the MGM medic on location at the casino, she arrived within 5 minutes of being called at 12:56, turning the clock back to 12:51AM when the call for help would’ve been made, Martin Kirsten sits with Chris Cornell’s body for 36 minutes after ‘supposedly discovering him’ at 12:15AM.

Why? Why not immediately call for help?

Think about it. If he indeed needed to make sure Chris was definitely dead, that is why he would’ve used all of that extra time. This explains why the body was ‘cold to the touch’ as mentioned by the medic who tried to revive Chris only to pronounce him no longer alive officially at 1:30AM.

It’s safe to now assume that the bodyguard had to cover his ass so he pretended to police that the door was latched from inside when he kicked it, but we know that is not true now, because Chris was already deceased. There is no possible way the latch could be engaged from inside once the bodyguard leaves the room, understand?

So if the bodyguard felt he had no choice but to kill Chris in self defense after he was first attacked by him, it would explain why such a heavy cover up followed by everyone, including the family, the hotel, and the coroner, not to mention the utter dead silence from his own band members.

It totally makes sense now why EMS during their remarks back to dispatch at 1:30 is fed
the line “History of depression” by someone in the hotel room with them. Well the only other
person the medic would trust for information about Chris would be none other than one man,
and one man only..

Chris Cornell’s bodyguard Martin Kirsten.

The sleeper hold also explains why there were no external marks found on the body.

So based off the forensic evidence and its analysis, along with a witness statement from a credible rock industry source, it is TMD’s belief that Chris Cornell was unconscious from being choked out in the alleged fight with his bodyguard and next partially suspended from the bathroom door to make it look like Chris took his own life.

Again, we cannot ignore the facts, according to the forensic science, the sign of congestion in the head above the ligature is not humanly possible to happen from hanging.


Now that it’s been proven by the irrefutable forensic science that Chris Cornell was violently choked unconscious first and then partially suspended while still breathing, as the forensics help us to understand via the eye hemorrhages found by the medical examiner, the rational
way to look at this murder now was that it certainly was not planned.

Nonetheless, we’ve got a dead rock star who did not commit suicide as everyone
wants us to believe. Chris Cornell is 100% a homicide victim.

Homicide itself is not necessarily a crime–some homicides are legal, such as a justifiable killing of a suspect by the police or a killing in self-defense–but unlawful homicides are classified as crimes like murder and manslaughter.

Voluntary Manslaughter


This is often called a “heat of passion” crime. Voluntary manslaughter occurs when a person:

is strongly provoked (under circumstances that could similarly provoke a reasonable person) and kills in the heat of passion aroused by that provocation.

For “heat of passion” to exist, the person must not have had sufficient time to “cool off” from the provocation. That the killing isn’t considered first or second degree murder is a concession to human weakness. Killers who act in the heat of passion may kill intentionally, but the emotional context is a mitigating factor that reduces their moral blameworthiness.

According to Michigan law, “both crimes involve purposefully killing someone. However, voluntary manslaughter is distinct from murder because the killer acted when his or her thinking was disturbed by emotional excitement that caused him or her to act without thinking twice. The killing itself must be the result of the emotional excitement, and the circumstances causing this emotional excitement must be so anger-inducing, that a reasonable person in that same situation would have acted the same way. If the person has had any time to “cool off” before they go perform the killing, it becomes a murder.”

The report continues:

“Instances of voluntary manslaughter often happen when a person is acting in self-defense, but overreacts and kills another person. This can be the case in domestic abuse situations where a battered spouse kills his/her abuser. The battered spouse technically acted with the intent to kill, but since he or she acted in self-defense that was “in the heat of passion,” the court will likely find the person guilty of voluntary manslaughter– not murder.”

Code Sections
Michigan Penal Code 750.321

A.K.A. “Heat of passion” crime

Intentionally killing another person as a result of a sudden, violent, irresistible passion caused by serious provocation. There can’t be a significant cooling off period” between the provocation and the killing or it can become a murder charge.


Felony , up to 15 yrs. in prison