June 22, 2024

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CHRIS CORNELL – ‘Head Congestion’ Can’t Occur In Hanging!

Truth For Chris!

CHRIS CORNELL – ‘Head Congestion’ Can’t Occur In Hanging!

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

“Lucy, you got some splaining to do!”

That wonderful catchphrase from the iconic 50’s TV show I LOVE LUCY certainly works in this situation…
because upon further investigation I have learned that it is beyond a shadow of a doubt, not a damn chance in the realm of reality to ever happen, meaning it’s absolutely impossible for the congestion that was observed by the Detroit medical examiner in Chris Cornell’s autopsy to be consistent with suicide by hanging. You want to know why?

Because it is not humanly possible that is why!

“Because I’m Rick James, BITCH!”

According to this forensic report: “In one study differentiating in between hanging and
strangulation is an age old problem. Much depends on observations made by the
investigating officer. An exhaustive examination of the scene of crime, ligature material, placement of ligature mark over the neck and other associated findings go a long way in deciding the issue. In one particular case, with a careful study of the ligature material, ligature mark, and their comparative study made it possible to conclude positively that it was a case of strangulation fabricated as a hanging. In this case, misleading history given by the deceased’s wife and inconclusive preliminary investigation by police along with minimal injuries visible over neck, a homicide can be easily disguised as post mortem suicidal hanging before post-mortem examination.”

The study continues:

“As in post-mortem hanging, often a victim is killed by some other means and then hanged to simulate a suicidal death. Healthy adults can be throttled only when they are under the influence of drugs or other intoxicants, are stunned or the attack is sudden..”

Think about it. If you look at the autopsy of the late rocker clearly the investigation narrative has been controlled by one person, the one man that was actually paid to protect Chris Cornell:

Martin Kirsten

So the police and the medical examiner are basing all of their judgment for the investigation on the testimony of a man who failed miserably at his job?

Did Chris Cornell not die on Martin Kirsten’s watch? When someone fails to do their job
isn’t it pretty easy to spot? Apparently not… so let’s use forensic science to tie him to the crime, shall we?

“Per the investigative report and the police report, the decedent was found partially suspended by a resistance exercise band in his hotel room by his security guard on May 18, 2017. The security guard had to kick in the decedent’s locked hotel room door and locked bathroom door. The security guard found the decedent on the bathroom floor with a resistance exercise band around his neck which was looped around itself using the resistance exercise band handle.”

“Ligature furrow mark of the neck” is how the medical examiner described the ligature pattern on Chris Cornell.

In ligature strangulation, the pressure on the neck is applied by a constricting band that is tightened by a force other than the body weight.

Virtually all cases of ligature strangulation are homicides. In the author’s experience, ligature strangulation is the most common method of homicidal strangulation.


The forensic report continues:

“In contrast to hanging deaths, the face and neck above the ligature mark appear markedly congested, with confluent scleral hemorrhage and petechiae of the conjunctivae. Fine petechiae might also be present on the skin of the face, especially in the periorbital regions.”

Well the medical examiner fully noted in his autopsy of Chris that the late rock performer displayed:

“Congestion of the head and neck above the ligature furrow mark.. Florid petechiae of the facial skin. Confluent petechiae of the left and right palpebral conjunctivae.”

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“In the experience of the pathologist cited in the report, petechiae are present in 86% of the cases of ligature strangulation. The presence of a congested face, petechiae, and scleral hemorrhage in ligature strangulation occurs because, unlike in hanging, there is no complete occlusion of the vasculature. Blood continues to go into the head from the vertebral arteries. It cannot escape, however, because of the compressed venous system. This results in increased intravascular pressure, congestion, and rupture of the vessels.”

There you have it. It is impossible for Chris Cornell to have died from hanging himself.

Now… how do y’all like them apples?