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INCANTATION – Announce New Album

Legendary blasphemers INCANTATION are set to unleash a deadly arsenal of vertigo-inducing extremity with their forthcoming 10th studio album, entitled Profane Nexus. The album will drop on August 11th via Relapse Records. Watch the official teaser video for Profane Nexus HERE.

Incantation have taken steps to ensure that the musical malevolence contained within Profane Nexus is matched by its visual depravity. To achieve this, they’ve enlisted the talents of Israeli artistic maestro, Eliran Kantor. The cover art, aptly-titled ‘Draping The Tar Monster’, was birthed following the ingestion of the album’s lyrical themes.

Eliran commented on the album art in an interview with And Justice For Art…:

“Chuck Sherwood (bass) showed me the lyrics he wrote and went into details about the themes behind each song. There was one song dealing with the natural habits of locusts and one about a deity who’s wearing flayed human skin. I imagined it having a monster-like body made of tar, with the locusts draping it with skin parts they pick from a pit full of human sacrifice.”

Stay tuned in the coming days for full album details, which will also include the release of the album’s first single, “Rites Of The Locust,” presented in 360°.

Source: Lambgoat