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(This article originally posted on April 26, 2017)

In 2016, TV’s The Voice contestant, Christina Grimmie, 22, was shot to death at point blank range by a deranged fan while she was doing a meet and greet after a concert. Much like former PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist, Dimebag Darrell Abbott, 38, of Arlington, Texas, who lost his life after being shot on the stage during a live performance on December 8, 2004.

Darrell’s brother and former bandmate, Vinnie Paul Abbott, went on the record to say that he
saw definite similarities in how his brother “Dimebag” was killed onstage by a crazed fan that had been stalking their band, and how better ‘security’ measures need to be in place at shows. He goes on to say it’s shocking how a dozen years after his brother was murdered, Christina was killed in the exact same manner.

View a 2016 report with Vinnie Paul quoted on the matter HERE.

A year after Grimmie’s tragic death, her family & The Voice continues to honor her legacy. On the singing competition’s live results show in 2017, host Carson Daly announced the Christina Grimmie Foundation, which will help victims of gun violence and breast cancer. Grimmie’s parents and brother attended the live show, and they received a warm message from Adam Levine, who was the late singer’s coach during season six.

“God, I loved her so much. I am talking to you guys specifically, I’m talking to everybody. I miss her,” he said, as Grimmie’s family cried. “It’s unfair that she’s not here. We’re going to sing a little song tonight, and I’m going to be singing every word to her, in her honor. Thank you for being here. Christina, we love you.”

Levine and the three members of his team then launched into a moving version of “Hey Jude” by the Beatles. After the performance, Daly announced that Grimmie’s family has released an EP, Side B, of her music on iTunes, along with a full album to be dropped later that summer, with all proceeds going to the Christina Grimmie Foundation.

Christina, God rest her sweet soul, just so happened to be a big fan of Dimebag’s music with PANTERA.

VINNIE PAUL On CHRISTINA GRIMMIE’s Murder: ‘That’s Almost The Same Scenario That Happened’ To DIMEBAG