July 18, 2024

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SEBASTIAN BACH – “Collectively ‘SKID ROW’ Had Real Chemistry!”

The ex-SKID ROW frontman earlier this year sat down to chat about his career in rock music with Yahoo. He talks about his former band’s landmark debut album, plus getting heavier on their sophomore effort and being the first metal band to debut at No. 1. He also touches on the subject of one day soon possibly reuniting with his ex-bandmates. Here is an excerpt:

“Someday maybe all of us will realize that ‘collectively’ we were a force that had real (kinda) chemistry, possibly more than without each other.”

Watch HERE, HERE and HERE.

SEBASTIAN BACH BIO: Original Voice of Skid Row. Winner: CMT’S ‘Gone Country 2″. Broadway: Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical, Rocky Horror, Jesus Christ Superstar (National Tour).VH1: Supergroup, I Married Sebastian Bach, 40 Greatest Metal Songs, Forever Wild MTV: Celebrity Rap Superstar ABC Family: Gilmore Girls

Sebastian Bach Band:

Sebastian Bach – Lead Vocals
Bobby Jarzombek: Drums
Brent Woods: Guitar
Rob DeLuca: Bass

Skid Row were one of the very last hair metal bands to hit the mainstream before grunge took over in the early ’90s. While the band’s self-titled debut employed standard pop-metal riffs and generic lyrics (albeit to great commercial success), 1991’s Slave to the Grind and 1995’s Subhuman Race broke away from the pop-metal mold with uncharacteristically hard, thrashy guitars and unique songwriting techniques. Though personal differences and changing trends would eventually tear the core lineup apart by 1996, Skid Row showed tremendous promise during their short time in the spotlight.