June 22, 2024

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MARCHE FUNEBRE – New Music Video Released

Belgian death/doom band MARCHE FUNEBRE has released a music video for the track entitled “Lullaby of Insanity”, off their forthcoming new album “Into The Arms Of Darkness”, which is slated to hit stores on February 20th, 2017 via Moscow Funeral League. “Into The Arms Of Darkness” was produced by Markus ‘Schwadorf’ Stock. The cover art was created by Brooke Shaden Photography.

Check out “Lullaby of Insanity” HERE.

Marche Funèbre is a doomed quintet, hailing from Belgium. From its inception in the last days of 2007 the band has been on a constant path of evolution. Starting out as a mere death doom metal band, as showcased on their debut EP ‘Norizon’ (2009), they have slowly evolved into an entity that can not be compared to any other band. Where ‘To Drown’ (2011, Shiver Records), the full length debut shows a band looking for their true sound, Marche Funèbre proved their potential with 2013’s ‘Roots of Grief’ (Shiver Records), an ambitious album that draws inspiration from epic doom, death, to funeral doom metal, as well as 19th century poetry, lost love, and philosophy.

Now the band returns with ‘Lost’, a fast-paced 7″ vinyl. This time with a top notch production, by the infamous Markus Stock, of Empyrium & The Vision Bleak fame. A full album will be recorded with him in 2016, this time the music will have yet another twist. Expect the unexpected…

Source: metalunderground