June 15, 2024

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REBEL WIZARD – Streaming New Song

Australia’s REBEL WIZARD overcome genre boundaries with their most recent full length offering as mastermind NKSV coalesces his black and thrash metal roots with swatches of NWOBHM and epic power metal to form Triumph Of Gloom. The album track, “Ease Of Wretchedness And Wonder”, is available for streaming HERE.

The album will be re-released by Prosthetic Records on February 24th and will include a previously unheard bonus track, “Defenders Of The Gloom”.

Track listing:

“On The Unknown Self They Weep”
“Where We Surrender Completely To The Miserable Shaman”
“Trampled By Wolves And Sheep”
“Ease Of Wretchedness And Wonder”
“A Spell Of Sorrow To Relieve The Curse Of Triump”
“Eat The Warlock”
“Hemorrhage Wonders”
“Defenders Of The Gloom” (bonus track)

Invocation of the Miserable Ones is the fifth EP released in 2015 by self-described “heavy negative wizard metal” project Rebel Wizard. Another solo project of NKSV, the driving force and sole member of atmospheric/ambient black metal band Nekrasov, Rebel Wizard sees a more straight forward sound, one consisting of blackened thrashing traditional metal. Despite the project’s proactive release schedule, Invocation of the Miserable Ones does not come across as a rushed hack job, instead it invokes the purest essence of rebellious heavy metal.

“There has certainly been a slew of blackened thrash bands coming out of the woodwork lately, but most seem to be primarily focused on worshiping that well trodden path of Motörhead and Venom inspired metalpunk, so it’s pretty surprising when a band brings something so unique within this style. Rebel Wizard brings that same type of sleazy, leather clad sound, but trades the alcoholic speed metal tendencies for a dose of traditional, NWOBHM influences.

Despite the offering sounding akin to the likes of Aura Noir or Witchery, with its thrashy blackened riffing and bestial, acerbic growls, the tracks are loaded with lead guitar licks and solos ripped straight from the ’80s. Just listen to the dual guitar interplay during “On the Unknown Self They Ride”, which could have very well appeared on a Judas Priest or Warlord album. It’s impressive the way NKSV has seamlessly woven the maniacal blackened thrash with the traditionally inspired riffing, as it sounds streamlined and quite polished despite the darkened approach.

To date, Rebel Wizard has only released a slew of short, succinct EP’s that quickly get their point across. While the sound may be a little abrasive for the typical NWOBHM fan, those who dig the blackened thrash and speed metal of bands like Midnight and Aura Noir should certainly feel at home. I feel a little late to the party with this one, as this was my first experience with heavy negative wizard metal, but I am now a believer. All you need is a little blackened thrash dressed up with some classic heavy metal.” – Metal Observer

Source: BW&BK