July 20, 2024

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AKRIS – Announces New Band Members


Virginia-based psychedelic sludge faction, AKRIS, led by the low-end conjurings of bassist/vocalist Helena Goldberg, will return to the stage this weekend with two new recruits — drummer Tim Otis (Admiral Browning) and guitarist/vocalist Paul Cogle (Nagato, Slagstorm, Black Blizzard) — marking the first time ever AKRIS performs as a trio.

Comments Goldberg, “”Tim Otis is one of my best friends, and I’ve been a big fan of his drumming in Admiral Browning since I moved down to the northern Virginia area in 2008. When it became evident that Sam Lohman would not be able to continue playing drums for AKRIS this past January, Tim officially joined the band. Soon after, the decision was made to have our mutual friend Paul Cogle join on guitar. This was a huge decision because I have been playing in a two piece band for almost ten years. However, I have been a fan of Paul’s music and guitar playing for years, and have always heard and felt that we had very similar approaches to playing and songwriting. It has been an absolutely amazing, positive experience preparing our new set over these past few months. I am truly honored to call both Paul and Tim bandmates and friends.”

Otis and Cogle will make their live debuts this weekend as part of the Sludgement Day gala in Hagerstown, Maryland alongside Black Chasm, Fog Hound, Wizard Eye, Athame and more with additional performances throughout the Spring and Summer months confirmed and more being conspired.

5/02/2015 Sludgement Day – Hagerstown, MD
5/29/2015 Guidos – Frederick, MD
5/30/2015 Fat Tuesday’s – Fairfax, VA
6/12/2015 Meatlocker – Montclair, NJ
8/04/2015 The Starlite – Sacramento, CA
8/06/2015 Ash St. Pub – Portland, OR
8/09/2015 Highline – Seattle, WA

AKRIS released their self-titled debut via DGRecords (formerly Domestic Genocide) in 2013. Recorded by Chris Kozlowski (Melvins, Spirit Caravan, Pentagram, Earthride, etc.) at Polar Bear Lair Studios in Middleton, Maryland, Akris delivers ten delightfully lo-fi, noise-strewn tracks of distorted bass fuzz and investigational arrangements. In a near perfect review of the record, HeavyPlanet dubbed the recording, “hypnotic and painful,” commending the band for offering, “a permeating ache that slowly and steadily hums between the legs and haws with deliciously punctuated buzz…” The Obelisk agreed, “the Virginia bass/drum two- piece proffer sludge that ranges from unrepentantly abrasive punk-derived aggression (hello, ‘Unidentified’) to languid stoner nod topped with harmonized vocals (hello, ‘Riverbed’),” furthering, “At the fore is bassist/vocalist Helena Goldberg, whose varied approach and blanket of low- end tonal gorgeousness drives the band…”

An accomplished and classically trained pianist, Goldberg began playing bass while studying piano and composition at the Manhattan School of Music, graduating in 2008. Her uncle and mentor, world renowned master musician and accomplished recording artist Charles Burnham, gave Goldberg her first bass and taught her improvisational skills. A deep knowledge of musical theory and composition mixed with a deep, near-gut wrenching adoration for heavy music is where AKRIS derives its sound. Powered by Earth and Sunn amps, Goldberg’s bass sound can only be matched by the sheer concentration of her vocals making for an avalanche of sonic severity.

AKRIS will return to the Polar Bear Lair with Kozlowski this July to record their sophomore full- length.