June 21, 2024

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 Jason Becker

 TMD Rocks!

This pure work of genius contains three new recordings totaling over 20 minutes in length and includes new performances by some of Becker's guitar buddies: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Michael Lee Firkins, Marty Friedman, Steve Hunter and Greg Howe. In addition the CD is enhanced and contains some bonus material playable on computer. 

Gripping virtuoso guitar licks and a glimpse at history as it was being made can accurately summarize Becker's new album, “Collection.” 


1. Rain 2. River of Longing 3. Images 4. Opus Pocus 5. Higher 6. It's Showtime 
7. Altitudes 8. End of the Beginning 9. River of Longing (Reprise) 10. Meet Me In the Morning 11. Air 12. . Electric Prayer for Peace 13. Mandy's Throbbing Little Heart 

**** Bonus Material: 1. Go Off (intro) 2. End Of The Beginning 3. Noodling For Rob And Tony 

Jason Becker began his career as a Shrapnel recording artist by joining forces with guitar virtuoso Marty Becker to form seminal progressive metal pioneers, “Cacophony.” Amassing 
worldwide acclaim as a guitar virtuoso, Becker came to the attention of David Lee Roth who was looking for a guitarist to replace Steve Vai and the rest is history. 

Through his work with Cacophony, his groundbreaking solo record “Perpetual Burn,” recorded when Jason was just 17, and through his second solo record “Perspective,” recorded after Becker came down with Lou Gherig's disease, Jason earned an international reputation for being one of the best composer/guitarists to emerge from the legendary Shrapnel shredding scene. 

Even as paralysis set in from his disease, Becker still had a strong desire to compose and “Collection” not only contains some of Becker's favorite moments from his Shrapnel and David Lee Roth recordings, it also features three new Becker compositions, each as impressive as anything he has recorded in the past. Becker has enlisted some of the largest names in instrumental guitar music to perform the parts that he hears in his head and has as many as three guitarists per track trading off riveting performances. 

“Collection” is exactly the kind of record that Becker fans have been waiting for!