June 22, 2024

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EDDIE VAN HALEN – ‘Eruption’ Biography To Release In 2015


Faber & Faber has acquired a biography of EDDIE VAN HALEN, Eruption, by Paul Brannigan, author of the Sunday Times bestselling biography of DAVE GROHL, This is a Call, and co-author of the forthcoming two-volume biography of METALLICA, Birth School Metallica Death.

Scheduled for publication in 2015, the book promises to explore how it was the incendiary playing of the young guitarist which launched the band VAN HALEN into the consciousness of America in early 1978, and transformed the musical landscape. Offering the first real examination of a true musical icon, it will also turn up the volume on a life lived in popular music’s fast lane.

Angus Cargill, Senior Editor, bought UK + Commonwealth rights, plus Canada, from Matthew Hamilton at Aitken Alexander. Eruption will be published by Da Capo in the US.

Source: BW&BK