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Legendary thrash metal band MEGADETH have pissed off a lot of loyal fans with their fourteenth studio album Super Collider. This reviewer being one of them. Though there are some brief, effective moments that totally work and hits their classic sound on the head for sure, such as “Built For War (but built with a absolutely horrible chorus, Dave!) and the somewhat impressive “Kingmaker”, I am afraid that Super Disaster is nothing more than a safe commercial, radio rock record. It’s quite the letdown when you look at the momentum Dave and co. had going for them coming off the explosive Endgame in 2009 and Thirteen in 2011. There wasn’t this sense of we’re trying to earn tons of money so let’s water it down and make it totally mainstream radio acceptable so everyone plays it. Forget that doing something like that would alienate your core following. You know, the people that made you famous in the first place? Remember 1999’s bomb Risk? Well this new one gives that hunk of garbage a run for the dumpster.

The title track is some of the most laughable, poorly written music I have ever heard from Mustaine. His vocals on every song sound like he not only phoned them in from the bathroom, but he sounds way too gruff, like a senior citizen who is indeed having intense bowel movement difficulties. My other big problem besides the lame, predictable songwriting are the half-assed guitar solos. What the hell? There’s two bad asses in the band that can solo like nobody’s goddamn business. Chris Broderick should be screaming all throughout this thing. I mean, that’s what he was brought on for, right? Where is that? Other than a few friendly slaps here and there, I felt like Dave did the first time he got his ass kicked by someone: utterly hurt and devastated. Mustaine even has the audacity to turn in a pathetic cover of Thin Lizzy’s classic “Cold Sweat” that would only be good if it was someone drinking beers with friends, doing Karaoke for shits and giggles.

The disappointment continues with tracks “Off The Edge” and “Dance In The Rain” that sound nothing like old school MEGADETH. It’s like Dave has become the Gene Simmons of thrash. It disturbs me that he can put out something completely lackluster and boring to the point of literally putting me to sleep trying to write this damn review first thing on Sunday morning. Yet, he’s gonna do the rounds now in the media saying this album is one of his best ever. If Dave was going to focus on doing a more rock, less metal album he should have taken a bunch of voice lessons first. His singing is like nails on a chalk board that never end and just keep echoing in your head afterward like a ‘migraine headache’. I just want to cover my ears and take a super nap and forget any of this actually ever happened.


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“Super Collider” (CD)

(Tradecraft, via Universal/2013)

1. Kingmaker
2. Super Collider
3. Burn!’
4. Built for War
5. Off the Edge
6. Dance in the Rain
7. Beginning of Sorrow
8. The Blackest Crow
9. Forget to Remember
10. Don’t Turn Your Back …
11. Cold Sweat