June 22, 2024

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Dimebag Darrell

 TMD Rocks!

Legendary Pantera guitarist Darrell Lance Abbott was shot at point blank range on the stage December 8th, 2004 while performing at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio with the newly formed Damageplan band, along with Jeffery “Mayhem” Thompson, Erin Halk and Nathan Bray, who died while trying to save Dime.

Still missed sorely by millions of metal fanatics across the globe, Dimebag's incredible musical legacy and simply uncanny guitar prowess continues to inspire upcoming heavy metal musicians around the globe.


But what needs to be understood is that the Alrosa Villa venue is still in business and serves as a true, lasting tribute in concern with Dime, Mayhem, Erin and Nathan's inspirational lives… who were all heavy metal music lovers.

In a day and age where it's getting tougher for upcoming metal acts to even be allowed to play in clubs, a place like Alrosa Villa is the ultimate saving grace in this still heartrending story.

Chris A. (Author Of "A Vulgar Display of Power: Courage and Carnage at the Alrosa Villa") said it best in his June, '07 TMD interview about Alrosa Villa:

"The Alrosa is the longest family owned venue in the United States and it provides a service and capacity no other facility offers in Columbus. Not to mention the most important aspect; it's primarily a metal club. Ask bands like Buckcherry, Dope, SinAriA, Mushroomhead, and hundreds of others about the importance of the Alrosa Villa. It's a place to play, it's a "real" venue.  C'mon, let's face it Pantera and Damageplan played there, its not some half-ass venue.  It's a serious metal venue where up and coming acts learn the biz while aging 60s, 70s and 80s rockers Like Sebastian Bach, Ace Frehley, or Kip Winger, guys on the downward slope  still find an enthusiastic audiance. The US, Canada and the metal loving world is filled with "Alrosa-Villa-Type" venues.  They are the lifeblood of the genre."


(The last photo taken of Dimebag at Alrosa Villa Club)

So instead of being sad all day, you (as an ever loyal Den Head) need to think: "What would Dime do?"

Well, he'd most likely tell us all to "Get up and jam!"

So on behalf of everyone at The Metal Den, it's time to wear the "Black Tooth" grin and salute one of the greatest heavy metal guitar players that ever lived: DIMEBAG DARRELL!

 Please help keep Dime's memory alive by getting out and supporting the upcoming metal bands that are playing your local clubs, support their music and the growth of true heavy metal as it moves forward into the future by actually purchasing your favorite band's music and not downloading it. If we keep this practice up, one day metal as we know and love it will no longer exist. This is the best way we can keep the spirit of Dime, Mayhem, Erin and Nathan alive in our hearts and minds forever… by not allowing heavy metal music itself to die.




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