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Houston stoner/doom metal act VENOMOUS MAXIMUS has signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records. It’s latest release “Beg Upon the Light” was issued through Occulture Records last October, but will see a worldwide reissue through Napalm this summer. The band is writing a new album for release in 2014.

Vocalist/guitarist Gregg Higgins commented: “We are pleased to announce that we’ve signed with Napalm Records. They are going to release ‘Beg Upon the Light’ this summer and another new full length we are working on in 2014. All of this comes to a surprise, because this project was meant to be something that no one would ever hear about. So as time went on and we started to be successful, we always agreed to do everything our selves. To keep it our way. The only way we were ever going to work with anyone was if we knew they were dedicated to worship the past as we were. Now that we are here with Napalm, we will continue to create this hidden message. But with their help they will be revealing this to the masses and we are ok with that now. Because of the records we first created only for ourselves will be released with everything we dreamed from the beginning. Destiny has come for us to work with Napalm Records. Our Hearts are in Texas but our souls comes from Europe. Now having a family in Europe that takes car e of the land where we arised, our spirits fly, where we are able to focus on the beautiful.”

Napalm’s A&R rep Sebastian Muench commented: “Sometimes, very seldom, you get the chance to discover a band that brings back the same feelings you first had when you listened as a teenager for the first time to Metallica´s “Ride the Lightning” or Black Sabbath´s “Paranoid”. You just know, you’ve found something very magically and you are hooked for life. Venomous Maximus is such a band and and we are thrilled, excited and tremendously honored to call them part of the Napalm family.”

Source: metalunderground