June 20, 2024

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What a raging day! Tons of stuff got done today, we have three final arrangements of the 12 songs we are tracking finalized, and we are continuing to plow through the rest of the ideas and demos of stuff to complete this album worth of material. James and I also discussed starting the visual files for the projection for this tour. We want to use all of the relevant footage that we have saved over the years and make the visual portion of this upcoming tour as exciting as the audio portion of our show.

I hope that you are all enjoying getting ready for the Holidays and I already have what I want; the best wife, son, and daughter I could possibly ever have; the best band mates, management, partners, and staff that I have ever had too; my health is holding stable and Father Time seems to have misplaced my address once again; my relationship with my business partners with TheLiveLine, Net Worth Coffee Brokers, and my endorsements with Dean Guitars, Marshall Amps, Line 6, Seymour Duncan, Jim Dunlop, GHS, DigiTech, Celestion, Shure, Tone-Pros, and my amazing guitar tech – Willie Gee; I am making a record with the amazingly talented and a really decent guy too – Andy Sneap; I am starting my book, my radio show, our next tour, our next Gigantour, our next Southern Pacific tour.

That barely scratched the surface too. My new gunslinger and friend Chris Broderick showed up today and has been hanging out and jamming, and Shawn Drover, Andy, and James Lomenzo are here everyday with me, so it is like old times here with the guys. We are continuing with the soundproofing from Lamvin – Kent Grey and his family – and they are handling all of the materials and work for us. We have about another week worth of finalizing the material and then we are going to start replacing the demo material with keeper tracks. I have to say that I am looking forward to that because I can't play bass worth crap and I want to hear James replace all of the mess that I made of the bass tracks. Although I did write the bass track for 'Peace Sells, But Whose Buying?' but you knew that already, didn't you!

So, that's it, just a short note to tell you that things are going good here; fast and kinda heavy, but you've heard that before, so just wait and see."

Love ya,