July 24, 2024

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ROCKET’s Interview With The Beast Of Metal: Paul Di’Anno

Source: Metalunderground

Paul Di’Anno better known as ‘The Beast’ was the second vocalist for the now legendary Iron Maiden band from London, England, having spent from 1977 to 1981 with the lineup. The very first singer to actually record with the mighty Maiden, he is featured on the now legendary Soundhouse Tapes EP, as well as the first two albums, Iron Maiden and Killers.

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Despite the fact that once he separated from the lineup and Maiden, along with Bruce Dickinson, would climb to superstardom across the world, Di’Anno has always remained an intriguing and colorful figure in the heavy music scene, touring with his own solo bands into areas of the globe that no western band has ever ventured. He has now newly released in America an original collection of material entitled ‘The Living Dead’ on Cleopatra Records and is still igniting the fire on every stage he sets foot upon to this very day. This is a man who does not hide from his much storied past, leaving the clearest of indicators to all that there is still much to come from one of Rock N Roll’s all time great lead vocalists.

Rocket: I wanted to play a game of ‘word association’ with you first, Paul. I basically will throw just a handful of them at you, be it a subject or person’s name and you simply give me a one word response, okay? The first one is: early Iron Maiden, when you were in the band.

Paul: Exciting.

Rocket: The second: Steve Harris.

Paul: Boss.

Rocket: The Third: The Muslim religion.

Paul: Exploration.

Rocket: The fourth: Brazil.

Paul: Wonderful.

Rocket: The fifth: London, England.

Paul: Confusing.

Rocket: And finally, the sixth: George W Bush.

Paul: Confusing.

Rocket: I know you have just released a studio album of completely new material entitled ‘The Living Dead’… which is your first in six years. Who produced this album?

Paul: I produced (and wrote) it myself with my Brazilian guitarist Paulo Turin, and it was truly a great experience making it.

Rocket: Besides Paulo, who were the other musicians that worked with you on this project?

Paul: Guitars: Chico Dehira, Javier Cuevas and Claudio Duliba. Bass guitars: Felipe Andreoli & Marcelo Bracalente. Drums: Aquiles Prieser & German Rodriguez.

Rocket: Can you please name a few of the songs you are the happiest with from the new disc?

Paul: The Living Dead, Dog Dead, Mad Man In The Attic & POV 2005.

Rocket: What is your one favorite Iron Maiden song to still sing on the stage? And briefly, tell me why.

Paul: Running Free, because it reminds me of the early innocent days of Maiden before the bullshit all took over.

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