June 20, 2024

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Anubis Unbound

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Baltimore, Maryland's ANUBIS UNBOUND is a solid five-piece musical group with an infectious blend of melodic death and metal core in its mixture on Through Cursed Eyes LP, hopefully one day to be compared with great names like CHILDREN OF BODOM and JOB FOR A COWBOY. With the highly effective dual guitar play from Jarred Sleeth and Brian Smith, elevated by a blistering rhythm section on the highlight tracks "Beyond Broken" and "A Single Rose", from bassist Ryan Plunkett and drummer Tony Marley, combined with the abrasive vocal work of Justin Severn. The album is self-produced but the band spared no expense in turning out a solid product to showcase their emerging talent. Upon completing my listening of this refreshing nine song collection, including "Love Avenged", the rampaging "When Innocence Dies", and the final, haunting "Mo(u)rning Song", it became more and more clear to me just what a bright future could lay ahead for this young and hungry band.



Anubis Unbound – "Through Cursed Eyes"


1. Constant Pressure

2. Love. Lust and Eternal Damnation

3. Beyond Broken

4. A Single Rose

5. Last Day of Darkness

6. Distorted

7. Love Avenged

8. When Innocence Dies

9. Mo(u)rning Song