June 14, 2024

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MEGADETH – Mustaine Coffee Helps Door of Faith Orphanage In Mexico


TMD Rocks!

"It's that time of year again can you believe it? How the hell is it Christmas already?? I know I say that every year but damn, time really flies when you're having fun.

"I've been in the studio working on the new Anthrax album since November 4. The drums, bass and rhythm guitars are done (I just finished up 19 tracks of blistering rhythms a few nights ago) and the vocals started in NYC today. So far we are right on schedule and it's sounding REALLY FUCKING GREAT. We should be mixing at the end of January and soon after that giving birth to a really pissed off, loud, fast and heavy child.

"Being that it is the end of the year it's time for my year end favorites in music, movies, TV, and of course food. 2008 was a strange year for me music-wise because I have spent all year writing and then going into the studio so I wasn't as involved in "the scene" or staying up to date with the ever growing world of metal as I usually would be. I really have been living in a cave as they say.

"I based my favorite album choices on what I listened to the most on my iPod and iTunes when driving or flying or working out or sitting around the house. It makes it really easy because it gives you the play counts so you know how many times you listened and when. I love technology.

"OK, here are my lists:

Favorite Albums (in no specific order):

TOXIC HOLOCAUST – An Overdose Of Death
METALLICA – Death Magnetic
AC/DC – Black Ice
DEATH ANGEL – Killing Season
TESTAMENT – The Formation Of Damnation
BLOC PARTY – Intimacy
SLIPKNOT – All Hope Is Gone