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OZZY – Live ’80 “Suicide Solution” With Randy Rhoads Guitar Solo Audio!


TMD has obtained enhanced audio of OZZY OSBOURNE performing the classic cut “Suicide Solution” during an October 31st concert in 1980 at Dome Theatre in Brighton, England. The listener is also treated to a truly epic guitar solo from the late great Randy Rhoads that is sure to make the hairs on your arms stand up. This amazing piece of rock history is making its debut on You Tube.

God only knows what the six string genius could have ultimately accomplished had he not died tragically at just the age of 25. No doubt, the man is a true legend; one that continues to inspire people to pick up the guitar and learn to play… long after his untimely death.


“Are you ready to go f#@!ing CRAZY?!”

Listen to the historic audio HERE and go f#@%ing crazy!