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Rocket first pubished this interview back in Dec, ’06.

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DELIVER US FROM EVIL from Evansville, Indiana is one of those discoveries I can lay claim to this year that I still feel is pound for pound one of my best. They are doing daring things musically that most metal acts wouldn’t even try and they continue to put fear into each and every local band that have to share the stage with them. It’s been a tremendous year for these guys and I freely admit that they are several heads above the rest of their peers in terms of collective determination and pride in how they go about laying down their groundwork for how heavy music will move forward into the next decade.

Rocket: Let’s talk about the fact that you guys are opening for Sworn Enemy on Nov 12th in Louisville, Kentucky. That’s pretty exciting! How did this opportunity come about? And what venue are you playing at for this one?

Alex: Basically, I’ve been blowing up the main promoter in Louisville for like 8 months and finally landed a gig with him. His name is Terry Harper and he books some bad ass shows. Opeth, God Forbid, Goatwhore, Suffocation. It’s rough out here living in the middle of nowhere trying to get the people that see us on a regular basis to drive an hour and a half to see us….again…lol. But our fans are the shit. And they still do. Diecast is also on the bill and it’s pretty cool we’re opening for them as well. I’m a huge fan of old New York Hardcore, so it’ll be fun. Real door opener I think.

Brent: The show was at the Bulldog Café in Fairdale, Ky. We were very fortunate to even get the chance to play with these guys. Some of the bands that played were In This Moment, Diecast, and Sworn Enemy. This was one hell of a show, it was a lot of fun. For me I was sore as fuck the next day. We got our whole set on tape so if your lookin to see one hell of a show we got it. We finally got in contact with Terry Harper, which he is a fuckin awesome dude. He offered a possible show in December. The show will be Dec 18th at Headliners. We think this is a great opportunity so we will do all in our power to fuckin destroy the shit. Thanks again, Terry.

John: Like Alex and Brent said, it was a badass show. We played second and fuckin destroyed,

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