June 16, 2024

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EARTH CRISIS – New Album Details!


EARTH CRISIS have now completed work on their latest effort – their 7th overall – which will be titled ‘Neutralize the Threat’ and is scheduled for release on July 12th via Century Media Records.

The band had the following to say: “We are very happy with how ‘Neutralize The Threat’ came out. Musically, it resembles the song structures on ‘To The Death’, but with a ‘Gomorah’s Season Ends’ vibe thrown in. Every song is lyrically inspired by real-life vigilante actions that have taken place around the globe. The topics range from The Black Panther Party to Bernard Goetz and we think it’s an original lyrical concept for the band, while also retaining some subject matter we are known for dealing with in the past. Zeuss is the man and definitely delivered the best sounding record we have ever had! We can’t wait for you guys to hear it!”

The track listing for ‘Neutralize the Threat’ is as follows:

01. Raise
02. Neutralize The Threat
03. Total War
04. 100-Kiloton Blast
05. Counterstrike
06. By Conscience Compelled
07. Black Talons Tear
08. Askari
09. The Eradicators
10. Raze

Plans are in the works for Earth Crisis to hit the road in support of ‘Neutralize the Threat’ so stay tuned for more info.


Source: Lambgoat