June 15, 2024

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EXHUMED – Begin Tracking New Album


Gore metal act EXHUMED are presently holed up in an Arizona studio tracking their forthcoming studio effort entitled “All Guts, No Glory” with engineer Ryan Butler (Misery Index). Mixing and mastering for the album will be handled by Brian Elliot (Graves Of Valor) at Mana Recording Studios.

Guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey comments:

“So far we’re really psyched on what’s been oozing out of the speakers! The guitars are sounding really aggressive right out of the box. I can’t wait to get into the vocals and flesh out the songs. We have 18 songs to work through while we’re here and then we’ll sort through and cherry-pick the heaviest, ugliest tracks for the new record, which is gonna be titled “All Guts, No Glory“. I think it builds on all the best shit from our first three records and should disgust and revolt any poseurs out there!”