June 20, 2024

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Enter “A METAL HALLOWEEN” Contest!


Den Headz, are you ready for a METAL HALLOWEEN? Our good friends over at MetalRules sure are:

“Ahhh…The joys of Autumn. The leaves turn pretty shades of orange and brown, the weather is generally cooler this time of year and maggot ridden zombie corpses rise from their graves to crack the skulls of the living, ripping their spines from their flesh only to ultimately climax by sucking out their brains like a gelatinous milkshake for the undead. No day in October is more synonymous with these kind of timeless festivities than Halloween… or “All Hallow’s Eve” if you happen to be of British descent. You can expect to find marathon horror movie specials on all of your major television networks this time of year, but for those of more discerning taste, we thought we’d compile some Halloween chit-chat and feedback specific to those of the metal faith. We at Metal-Rules.com have put together a compilation video of some of metal’s biggest acts weighing in on every headbanger’s favorite holiday and if that weren’t enough we reached out via e-mail to an even broader panel of our bretheren of steel for a lengthy Halloween text roundup. It wouldn’t be A METAL HALLOWEEN without some Trick or Treat action, so make sure you enter our exclusive giveaway.”


Heavy Artillery Records, Stand and Deliver Records, Reversed Records, and Asher Media, along with a select number of participating bands have shelled out a ton of killer metal to keep you in the Halloween spirit. To enter to win one of ten Trick Or Treat goodie bags filled to the brim with CD’s, DVD’s, Posters and T-shirts send an e-mail with your first and last name and current mailing address to [email protected] with A METAL HALLOWEEN in the subject line. Winners will be selected at random in early November. Good luck and keep checking back with metal-rules.com for more exciting promotions.

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