June 14, 2024

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Last Venue DIMEBAG Played In Texas To Be Demolished?


TMD has learned that the legendary Fort Worth, Texas venue Ridglea Theater where late great PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist Dimebag Darrell played his final hometown date while in DAMAGEPLAN is to be demolished and made into a bank. TMD has not received final confirmation but according to people closest to the situation… the Ridglea will likely be closing its doors for good by end of 2010.


TMD’s creator Randy “Rocket” Cody adds:

“It’s a damn shame that such a historic heavy metal landmark is falling victim to real estate redevelopment. I raise my horns in respect for all the bands that played that venue and Dimebag Darrell, who made his
final stand in Texas there before some psycho took the most beloved metal guitarist away from those who loved him so much, his family, friends and fans!”

More on the entire sad situation here. Dimebag now cries tears from Heaven. His last fateful night at the
venue was one of his proudest moments. He looked to the crowd that night after DAMAGEPLAN took
the stage and said: “We’re all older now… but we’re still here doing it!”

Soon after, Dime would be shot dead on stage (with three others: Nathan Bray, Jeff “Mayhem” Thompson and Erin Halk) by a crazy former Marine at the Alrosa Villa Nightclub in Columbus, Ohio on Dec 8, 2004.

Long live heavy metal… and God Bless another great Texas rock venue that’s bit the dust.