July 23, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: THRODL – “No Honour In Exile” (CD)


Reading, PA’s THRODL has released their third full-length record entitled No Honour In Exile via DRP Records. Mixing elements of death/hardcore with old school punk and thrash, they’ve crafted a seriously wicked concept album that, get this, follows the life of a female serial killer named Lydia who “found a marriage in a blade”. Mixed by Mike Radka and DRP’s owner, Frank Phobia, the thirteen tracks offered up here tell the disturbing story in a highly effective manner through the lyrics. My favorite song is track four’s “Ruthless”, for the growling vocals from Brad Roche are as scary sounding as the thought of a woman stabbing a knife into the chest of a person. The rest of the explosive lineup features bassist Kevin Moyer, drummer Justin Skipper, along with guitarists Mike Fidler and Mike Ciotti. Track five’s “Measure of a Man” has a really cool chorus in it that shows singer Roche has more range than just a psychotic scream. THRODL is still growing and developing as a young band, but there are many moments on No Honour In Exile where you can’t deny the upside potential, and on other face rippers like “Devils & Slingshots” and “Satan’s Saliva”, you will be treated to an act that – unlike most of the trend following bands in music today – are successfully carving out their own identity in an experimental musical approach that at times sounds like SLAYER and EYEHATEGOD birthed a child… and named it THRODL. I am excited to see and hear how this unique five-piece develops in the next couple years. You would be doing yourself a major disservice by not listening to what these guys are doing. No Honour In Exile is one of the more visceral records you will hear in 2010.


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THRODL – “No Honour In Exile” (CD)

(DRP Records/2010)

1. Graveyard Dirt
2. New A.I.J.
3. Fireantz
4. Ruthless
5. Measure of a Man
6. Lydia
7. Devils & Slingshots
8. Satan’s Saliva
9. Dance or Die
10. Gazer Delay
11. The Death at the Funeral Home
12. A Day At The Beach (Normandie)
13. Mob of Carthage