March 4, 2024

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ZAKK WYLDE – 203 Days Sober


While much of the world is ‘going green’ today for St. Patrick’s Day and demonstrating their love for the Irish by pounding down more beers than can be counted, former OZZY lead guitarist and resident BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Drill Sargent Zakk Wylde – at one time perhaps the most notorious killer of an alcoholic beverage than any person on the globe – has not had a drink of alcohol in 203 days.

Let us repeat that again. It was not a type-o. Yes, ZAKK WYLDE is sober of the sauce now for 203 days!


Rock N Roll’s miracle streak hit 63 days of sobriety back on Oct 28, 2009 when Barbaranne Wylde tweeted the update. According to Wylde’s own tweets, the mad man on six strings has even begun to take the Dr. Phil approach with his “Berserker” fan base by unloading some of his own personal advice on battling the drink:

“No big deal… I dig hangin w/ the guys watching the fights / football all that shit… Now I’m not drinkin I’m just switching to Crack Cocaine light for my Slim Girlish Figure.”

“You know what’s so funny about the not drinkin shit… I still go to pubs n hang n have a great time shootin the shit…b’n around people.”

And TMD’s personal favorite:

“I love it when people ask if I miss drinking… I just say do you miss it when your wife quits givin you B-Jobs???”

Okay, maybe he’s not the most poetic talker… but let’s face it, it’s ZAKK WYLDE! Let’s just chalk up the 203 day booze free cruise as a major victory for the bearded one – and his health – and wish he and BLS the best of luck while working on a new album in Zakk’s home recording studio.