April 18, 2024

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RANDY RHOADS – “Last Train Home” Film Trailer!


Den Headz, TMD has received the official trailer for Last Train Home, the long awaited documentary film on the life of late great OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist Randy Rhoads.

Although the film is not yet completed, this is a seven minute long trailer to that documentary. It was on the internet at one time previously, for a day or two, then pulled. Apparently, director Peter Margolis did not have clearance for all of the images on the trailer and threatened to halt production of the film, if the trailer was not removed. Watch the trailer below!

Make sure and check out TMD’s highly acclaimed tribute article from the 25th anniversary memorial of Randy’s death that happened at his burial spot in San Bernardino, California here. This article has amassed well over 30,000 page views to date!


*The Video Has Been Pulled Again*
TMD Admin found the following info on the web today 3/10:

“To Whom it Concerns,

I represent Dakota Pictures, the production company behind the upcoming documentary film on Randy Rhoads. We have found your posting today of the “trailer” that was stolen from our company and insist that the material be removed from your site as soon as possible. Those responsible for stealing this unfinished material from us are under criminal investigation and we have also included any parties who have refused to remove the content from their websites.

As I’m sure you are aware, we are still working on this film and so the material in this “trailer” is no longer an accurate depiction of our project. We intend to release a proper trailer in the future but a release date has not yet been discussed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards

A.J. DiAntonio”
Dakota Pictures
818.760.0099 office
818.760.1070 fax