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METALLICA – Rare 1982 “Sucking My Love” Demo


TMD has unearthed another one of the earliest METALLICA demo tracks ever. It is a recording of DIAMOND HEAD’s “Sucking My Love”, featuring Dave Mustaine on guitar, Ron McGovney on bass, Lars Ulrich on drums and James Hetfield on vocals. Official METALLICA historian Bob Nalbandian states it for the record:

“For METALLICA fans, this was definitely the rarest, and earliest, material to ever surface. No one knew this recording even existed, since original bassist Ron McGovney had the only copy of this garage practice session (this tape was too crude even be labeled a demo!). The tape features the Diamond Head covers “Sucking My Love,” “Helpless” and “Am I Evil” (the latter two which Metallica later re-recorded and released commercially), and their very first original tune, “Hit the Lights.” Recorded in Ron’s garage in March of ’82 (two months after the band was formed) by suspending a $49.00 ghetto blaster in the air, and with James singing through the guitar amp, this is surprisingly a great recording for using such primitive means! James’ voice was very high at the time [and more than likely, so was Dave Mustaine! – Ed.] and Lars’ drumming sounds like hoof beats. Nevertheless, the band sounds tight for only being together for two months. Dave Mustaine performs all the guitar work on this rehearsal tape (James was only singing at the time), showing that he was quite advanced for a nineteen year-old guitarist from Orange County!”

Listen to the extremely rare track below!

In other METALLICA-related news, a rare version of the track “Hit The Lights” — featuring guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, and their friend Lloyd Grant guesting on lead guitar — appears on the Metal Blade Records 20th anniversary box set. A different version to the one that appeared on the CD release of the very first Metal Massacre compilation LP (which included appearances by guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist Ron McGovney), this early recording only appeared on the first few thousand vinyl copies of Metal Massacre and was subsequently removed from the album in favor of the other, more widely-available version.