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CLIFF BURTON – Aria Pro II Bass Guitar Copy


Den Headz, up for auction is a brand new Aria Pro II SB-BC. This is a rare copy of METALLICA’s Cliff Burton Aria Pro II bass. Some special things to note about this rare instrument are the cat-eye inlaid fret markers, the brass nut, the MB-1E double coil pickup and of course the active B.B. Circuit! He had one version that had dot inlays and he also had a bass with the cat-eye inlays.


More from the seller:

“We have this rare instrument in stock and ready to ship! It comes with a free hardshell flight case. This is the Korean version of this guitar. We also had the last guitar to ship out of the Japanese factory and it was purchased by a band that likes black. This guitar was played by the bass player. We are also going to include an authentic Metallica pick with this guitar. Send me an eBay message if you want the whole story.

The SB-CB electric bass helped to define the New Wave of Heavy Metal that dominated the world in the 80’s. Its powerful tone and fast neck attracted bass players who needed an instrument with bone-crushing tone and lightning speed. As time went on players from other genres, like Funk and Blues, discovered that the SB-CB was the perfect bass for them. Play the SB-CB and find out what this bass can do for you!”

This item is selling starting at US $5,000.00. Go HERE for complete auction details.