July 19, 2024

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Nikki Sixx Wants Us To Believe MÖTLEY CRÜE’s New Music Is Not “AI Generated”, Says Everyone Has “Turned Into A Critic!”

Look at this screenshot taken from the official music video for “Dogs of War” where the lyrics that are sung by the AI Vince Neil voice repeat “Going down down… down down…” (just like their music career)

Stare closely at the skeleton pilots who know they are a goner and cover their eyes. Behind one of them is a blow up sex doll. Are these clowns ever going to take anything seriously? This crappy AI rendered music video is as much of a joke as the AI generated “Dogs of War” turd, according to rock music critics.

Nikki Sixx was interviewed recently by a Swedish rock radio station and the bassist defends himself against “haters” in the rock press and even the fans, who feel the band’s new music is lackluster and not authentic, in fact the word being thrown around is that it’s “fake”.

After bragging that he has a new Crue studio album 100% completed one year ago, Sixx has now said that the album is canceled, and only a few ‘stand alone’ singles will be released.

This comes on the heels of TMD’s Randy “Rocket” Cody exposing that Sixx and producer Bob Rock purportedly used AI technology to compose and generate new Crue songs 100%. Fans will recall ousted guitarist Mick Mars launched a lawsuit against his old band last April, contending that all the members but himself faked their lives concert performances by using ‘backing tracks’ for main instrumentation and lead plus backing vocals.

Other rock industry insiders confirmed what Rocket reported about ‘Dogs of War’ being a fake song, such as Chris Akin of Classic Metal Show, stating “I’m think this whole thing was done with AI.”

“I don’t ever sing like that. But it works in the song.” Vince Neil admitted that “Dogs Of War” “was very easy to sing.”

Wasn’t it easy to sing because AI technology did it all for you?

Vince was caught saying previous to all of this, that he cut the new vocals via a Zoom call, as a way to continue the obvious mockery.

Junkyard Rock Stories site thinks that TMD site is actually owned and operated by Nikki Sixx himself, due to The Metal Den dominating the rock media around the world day in and day out with bombshell revelations they are too stupid to break themselves.

The rumors started spreading that this song, and the whole album might be completely AI-made. This, of course, originated from The Metal Den website, the place where these things, regarding Mötley Crüe rumors, usually always start. Sometimes I think it’s really Nikki Sixx behind this website, spreading drama and venom just on purpose.

You know, firstly if they can’t perform on their instruments, there are always other people in the studio who can do it. And speaking about the vocals, autotune was invented long before AI. So it could be, but it doesn’t really matter. The song itself is okay, nothing really ground-breaking. It’s nice to have something new from them, and let’s wait for the rest of the  album to see where this is going.

This statement even confirms what TMD reported all along that Sixx used “ghost bassists” on past Crue studio albums and that Neil was augmenting his vocals long before AI came around. Well, news flash, junior, word going around is that major record labels have been using AI technology to replace humans for many years already. It was just kept secret, like fake artists such as Sixx, Lee and Neil doing Milli Vanilli on the stage and faking out the fans who spend big money to see a real live rock concert. And a new full length Crue album? That is not going to happen unless they bring back Mick Mars, the only real musician in the band’s original lineup who actually knows how to write songs for real and actually play his instrument live. Mars, 73, dropped his crushing debut solo album “The Other Side Of Mars” earlier this year on February 23rd. No AI was used during the production of his new music.

TMD creator and owner Randy “Rocket” Cody comments:

“Sixx is not smart enough to operate a bass guitar with 4 strings, let along a world class heavy metal news webzine that gets more views than his own fake band does.”

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