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HOLYCIDE – Debut “Remote Control” Single

 Spain’s premier purveyors of pure, undiluted thrash metal – HOLYCIDE – have unleashed a second single from their imminent third full length album, Towards Idiocracy. As you’d expect from these dedicated frontline troops, ‘Remote Control‘ is an explosive blend of vicious, precision riffing, raw and raging vocals, punishing rhythms and masterful, melodic soloing; the song epitomising the accomplished power to be found throughout the Towards Idiocracy album. ‘Remote Control’ is going to blow minds and snap necks, raising the anticipation levels for Towards Idiocracy to rabid levels amongst diehard thrashers everywhere!
Speaking about the track, band frontman, Dave Rotten of Avulsed fame, explains…
“While our previous first single was talking about the threat from AI technology, this one talks about the most powerful weapon that politicians have: ideologies. With this they secure the segregation of populations to have a better ‘remote control’. Thanks to this, people don’t need to think, just obey to their tweets, manipulated news and hoax. It’s a very reflexive thing, cos we’re all victims of this control…”

Watch the official lyric video for ‘Remote Control’ now: