May 24, 2024 Over 100 Million Organic Impressions On Facebook In 2023!

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TMD offers different advertising options to signed or unsigned bands or music related businesses, including banner placement, press releases, targeted Facebook groups marketing, radio placements, band publicist and more! With nearly 20 years of experience, TMD creator Randy “Rocket” Cody has done it all, starting with founding Slave Labor band as lead vocalist in L.A. the same year the Crue started in 1981. After seeing Shout At The Devil concert, it was then Rocket knew he wanted to be a rock n roller for life. Rocket has also worked as a roadie on the Sunset Strip rock club circuit and been employed at the Sherman Oaks location Guitar Center selling guitars and amps, interacting with major rock stars, like Paul Stanley and the Nelson Twins.

TMD news amassed over 30 million impressions worldwide on TMD Facebook profile during the final quarter of 2023. Organic. No paid advertising.

Rocket produced the Dimebag Tribute album and provided vocals on all the tracks, along with remixing many classic metal songs over the year and doing mashups that are second to none. He had his own FM rock radio show last year and does a weekly Spotify podcast titled “Rock And Roll Death Brigade.”

“I look forward to working with new up and coming metal bands. It’s all about keeping the underground alive and moving forward, so I try to give fans 31 flavors of metal at TMD.” – Rocket

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