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Nikki Sixx Bombshell: “Nikki’s bass never made final mixes of most their albums!”

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s fearless leader Nikki Sixx faces accusations of “finger syncing” during his live stage performances, while prerecorded audio is fed through the PA system at gigs. Now word going around is that Sixx never played one note on any Crue studio album and is not responsible for writing any of the band’s famous songs.

As fans eagerly await the Crue’s first new full length studio album in 16 years to release this year, there has been rumors of AI technology being used, along with ghost performers secretly employed to help get the production in the can, once and for all.

Over the years, it has been speculated that many different “ghost bassists” have substituted for Sixx in the studio without getting any credit. It’s said that songwriting theft has also apparently been going on among the biggest pop stars for years. One person even allegedly got ripped off by the likes of Mariah Carey.

In 1988, Matthew Trippe launched a lawsuit against Doc McGhee, the manager of MÖTLEY CRÜE. Mr. Trippe was claiming that he had been bassist Nikki Sixx’s doppelgänger in the band for just over a year from May 1983 to the summer of 1984 and “was owed royalties for writing many of the band’s songs in that time.”

(Picture courtesy of Metal Sludge site)

TMD reported that the new studio album Sixx is attempting to work on without Mick Mars will feature ghost bassist Bob Rock, the album’s producer, believe it or not, not Nikki Sixx.

Mick Mars’ lawsuit against Sixx and his old bandmates contends that all of the band’s members (but him) are fake musicians and relied heavily on using backing tracks at The Stadium Tour concerts in 2022. Mick also confirmed that he carried the Crue for years and deserves to be a participating member even after being replaced for worldwide touring due to his aging.

“Rocket” of TMD busted Tommy Lee fake drumming near the end of The Stadium Tour, and this is what set off Mick to fight back against the lies and deception.

The leaked Mick Mars court documents have provided rare insight behind the world’s most dangerous rock band, and TMD always has got the scoop on the real dirt before any other news outlet.

According to one witness, whose father was a roadie for the Greg Leon Invasion, Nikki Sixx begged Leon to come record his bass parts in the studio. When he declined, it’s said that Dana Strum was brought in to record Sixx’s bass parts instead. Other names rumored to have replaced Sixx in the studio includes Carmine Rojas (David Bowie).

Another name that has surfaced in the docs is Steve Bailey, who is believed to have cut many tracks for the Crue.

“Nikki is a poser”, said one character witness on behalf of Mick Mars, according to the insider who leaked the court documents “witness statements” to TMD. Keep in mind, these statements have not all been declared admissible in the Mars court battle.

“Nikki’s bass never made final mixes of most their albums.”

As the story goes, Matthew Trippe claimed that he was secretly recruited into the band by guitarist Mick Mars after the original Nikki (real name Frank Ferrano) had been reportedly injured in a car crash and was unable to perform (but the truth is that “Sixx just was not talented enough to record the parts”, per the source). Trippe claimed he fully replaced Ferrano for this time, recording, writing, appearing in videos and touring with the Crüe.

MÖTLEY CRÜE is currently booked light for 2024, due to poor ticket sales. The glam metal band will play the North Dakota fair and Winstar Casino in Oklahoma later this year.