March 4, 2024

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PANTERA’s Phil Anselmo “needs to lip sync again”, Rumored Names Who Could Replace Him Emerge!

Troubled vocalist Phil Anselmo is in jeopardy of being fired as the singer of PANTERA for a racist outburst he made back in 2016, but it seems the singer has now lost his voice and the ability to sing the groove metal band’s classics. Fan filmed footage has been posted of the reformed band jamming “Cowboys From Hell” at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan on 11/10/2023 and judging by the comments left on the video Anselmo is way off the mark after he was busted earlier this year doing lip sync, believe it or not.

“Phil sounds awful. Way off key. He needs to lip sync again. Zakk is still using backing tracks. Lol”

Watch the footage down below and judge for yourself. Should Anselmo go back to relying on lip syncing like Vince Neil and Paul Stanley or should his singing at live concerts be authentic no matter how “broken” his real voice sounds today? Or should Anselmo be outright fired to send a message to the music community in whole that racism is not acceptable, and he like anyone else who promotes hate crimes should face severe punishment.

Guitarist Zakk Wylde hired to replace fallen founding PANTERA guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott was accused of using backing tracks during one of the band’s tribute reunion gigs in 2023.

Pantera are tentatively booked to tour the U.S. in 2024, although no word yet on who would replace Anselmo if and when he does get fired. Early names being thrown around include Tim “Ripper” Owens, Sebastian Bach and Jamey Jasta.

Pantera concerts were cancelled in Germany and other countries earlier this year due to Anselmo’s highly provocative “White Power” outburst and Nazi salute.

Pantera shows cancelled after frontman’s Nazi salute prompts fan backlash | Music | The Guardian

Fans will recall Anselmo had been attacked previously by online “haters” who said he would not be able to sing the Pantera classics good again because he is too old and out of shape. Now the band is being accused of faking out the fans with backing tracks and doing a blatant “cash grab” to profit off the Texas metal band’s legacy, while doing more harm to it than good with tons of bad publicity related to racism and bogus live concerts.

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