March 4, 2024

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METAL DE FACTO – Debut New Single

Exploding onto the metal scene in 2019, Finnish power metal band METAL DE FACTO made their debut with “Imperium Romanum”, a full-length with a theme-driven collection of songs about Ancient Rome that was bombastically nostalgic old-school power metal. These fresh but familiar songs quickly caught the attention of metal listeners worldwide, notably with the first single ‘¨The Conqueror’ amassing over 200,000 video views and over 600,000 streams on various streaming platforms.

In early 2020, the band held their first headlining show in Helsinki, which attracted fans from all over the world to attend the show in a packed On the Rocks club. This success quickly led the band to continue performing live, opening for prime moving metal bands Ensiferum and Beast in Black.

Consisting of guitarists Esa Orjatsalo (ex Dreamtale) and Mikko Salovaara (Kiuas), bassist Sami Hinkka (Ensiferum, ssSHhh), keyboardist Benji Klint-Connelly (Everfrost) and drummer Atte Marttinen (ex Kivimetsän Druidi). It was announced however in 2022 that former vocalist Mikael Salo (ex Thy Row, ex Dyecrest) would no longer be the band’s singer. On the same day, the band’s new vocalist Aitor Arrastia hailing from Spain was announced along with the announcement of the band’s upcoming second full-length album, Land of the Rising Sun Part 1. The album will be the first of two parts, themed after Japanese culture.

To preview their sophomore record “Land Of The Rising Sun Part. 1,” Metal De Facto is unveiling the first single “Code of The Samurai”, a triumphant anthem, a testament to their signature power metal sound. Epic and resounding, the single exhibits the band’s unparalleled musical craftsmanship revealing at the same time its new partnership with new vocalist Aitor Arrastia. It captures the essence of their celebrated style, fueling anticipation for their forthcoming concept album.

“‘Code of the Samurai’ was one of the first songs we composed for the new album so it felt like a good choice as the first single. We already played the song live and seeing people raise their fists in the chorus, promises that this will become a great song for future gigs. And if you think about it, what could be a better start to a two-album journey into the glorious history and culture of Japan, than a ride into battle with the heroic and noble samurai? adds bass player Sami Hinkka.

“Code of The Samurai” promises an immersive, powerful journey, upholding the band’s legacy and captivating listeners with its compelling narrative and epic prowess with timeless power metal essence. Let’s make Power Metal Great Again!

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“Land of the Rising Sun Part. 1” will be released on February 9th, 2024 in CD Jewel Case, Vinyl Black and Transparent Splatter Vinyl.


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Vinyl Transparent Splatter –

Track Listing:
1. Rise Amaterasu
2. Code of the Samurai
3. Heavier Than a Mountain
4. Slave to the Power
5. Divine Wind
6. Tame the Steel
7. Superstars
8. 47 Ronin

To celebrate this momentous occasion Metal De Facto will play shows on the release weekend with Dreamtale and Everfrost (Everfrost only in Helsinki) in Finland!

Show Dates:
Feb 9, 2024 – Yo-talo, Tampere, FIN (with Dreamtale) – Ticket info here.
Feb 10, 2024 – On the Rocks, Helsinki, FIN (with Dreamtale and Everfrost) – Ticket Info here.

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