June 13, 2024

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The following excerpt comes from Randy “Rocket” Cody‘s investigative report titled “Epstein’s “Black Book”, Two Dead Rock Stars & Pizzagate”:

Readers will recall the drama surrounding Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington‘s deaths centered around “spirit cooking”, a “black book” and a pizza joint with ping pong tables located in Washington DC called Comet Pizza, where the mainstream news media labeled the “Pizzagate” scandal to be a hoax. The Pizzagate theory accuses both John Podesta and Hillary Clinton of knowingly supporting, participating in disturbing rituals, including being at the head of a worldwide child sex trafficking ring. This is why Frazzledrip snuff film was covered up, and my YouTube channels demonetized and then terminated for no reason, other than to silence my work. I had posted damning video evidence that the evil cabal was not happy with. I recently was let out of a 14-month Twitter ban. My work continues to be censored on that platform and on all of the others as well. I am still one of the luckiest dudes around. Most if not all major whistleblowers are dead.

Read the full report HERE at www.randyrocketcody.com.