April 17, 2024

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Check Out Video Of MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Nikki Sixx “Actual Live Bass Playing” Revealed And It “Sounds Bad”

A recent post on Reddit has revealed some shocking new evidence that supports ousted Crue guitarist Mick Mars‘ claim that Nikki Sixx is a fraud and has been using backing tapes at the Crue’s concerts for many years. Check out the post and accompanying video evidence down below.

“There was a clip on YouTube of Nikki’s actual live bass and it sounded like a fucking train wreck. Seriously some of the worst bass playing you will ever hear. Since then, the video has been taken off of YouTube, but I wonder if anyone else saw it and saved it. It was truly damning video evidence. It was footage from a tour in the mid 2000s and holy shit, Nikki sounds bad. Clearly the backing track failed and when Nikki’s live bass is heard it through the main speakers, it was downright shocking… so he mimes his playing to the track because the sounds actually coming out of his bass are fucking terrible. Mick’s claim that Nikki hasn’t played a single note live on this recent tour is totally accurate. Just watching Nikki’s hands for 3 seconds gives it away. You don’t have to be a musician to see that Nikki isn’t even trying to mime it properly.”

Rocket of TMD adds:

“The moment of truth is here, kids! At the 21:10 point in the video you will be able to hear Nikki Suxx in all his glory, revealed once and for all as the biggest sham in rock n roll history!”