June 14, 2024

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TESTAMENT – To Begin Writing New Studio Album

In a recent interview with Loud TV at Hellfest in Clisson, France, guitarist Eric Peterson of TESTAMENT discussed the progress of their songwriting sessions for the upcoming album, following their 2020 release, Titans Of Creation. Peterson mentioned that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a significant gap in their work, but now they are preparing to start working on new material after the European tour. He expressed excitement about the prospect and revealed that they already have around five or six songs written, with plans to finalize them upon returning home. The band hopes to record the album right after their tour in Japan, aiming for a release in 2024.

Peterson also shared his enthusiasm for the new Testament material, describing it as “exceptional.” As a fan himself, he emphasized that he wouldn’t release anything unless he personally feels a strong connection to it. He elaborated on the process of gauging the quality of their music, mentioning how he gets goosebumps upon hearing it and seeks feedback from friends. While some may be unsure, the majority react with enthusiasm, except for vocalist Chuck Billy, who initially expresses reservations but later realizes its brilliance. Peterson humorously recalled Billy’s change of heart, emphasizing the evolution of their creative decisions over time.

Regarding the recording timeline for the new album, Eric mentioned their tentative plan to begin in October or November, but if not feasible, they would aim for January or February of the following year. The band’s goal is to complete the writing process by September, after which they will patiently await the completion of the vocals, which could take some time. Nonetheless, they remain optimistic about achieving their desired timeframe.

Check out the entire interview below.