June 16, 2024

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MÖTLEY CRÜE Producer Bob Rock Caught Telling A Big Lie… Nikki Sixx Never Played On Any Crue Albums!

Producer Bob Rock is not telling the truth! TMD has tracked down confirmation from MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s Nikki Sixx himself that he NEVER attempted to learn how to play bass with his fingers until before the Plandemic! (GASP) So all that BS Rock fed y’all about Sixx taking lessons for Dr. Feelgood and played with his fingers on that album IS TOTAL LIES!

Sixx continues: “On The Dirt soundtrack, all those songs I played with my fingers, which was the first time. And It took some adjustments with the audio because I’m an aggressive pick player.”

So, which is it and did you ever play on ANY Crue studio albums?

According to TheMetalDen.com, the answer is NO, HE DID NOT! Sixx had studio bass subs like Carmine Rojas do the real playing for him!!

Drummer Carmine Appice launched a hoax that female bass legend Carol Kaye played in the studio for Crue, but TMD learned that was all done to throw everyone off the trail of who the real Crue studio sub was. His name is Carmine Rojas, and he formerly played with David Bowie.

TMD revealed in April of this year that a rumor coming out of Crue’s camp is that Bob Rock will be the “ghost bassist” on the new Crue album, currently being mixed and mastered. Out of the blue recently, Sixx just announced that they started writing a new record, a little over one week later and Sixx claimed they had fully completed the songwriting and album production process, miraculously, after not having cut a studio album in fifteen years, plus being without Mick Mars who filed lawsuit against his former band the week before, insisting the Crue is mostly faking it live and that Sixx was not such a big contributor on all their past records. TMD has since been tipped off that the Crue and Rock employed Artificial Intelligence to compose the new Crue album, believe it or not.

Read Sixx’s past interview via GutiarWorld HERE to get more of the story.

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Sixx is so idiotic that when he tried to steal a bass guitar once, he stole what he thought was a bass guitar so he could try and join a band, only to learn he stole a guitar. So he only played on four strings and said “I’m a bass player!” #TeamMick

HOAX: CARMINE APPICE Says CAROL KAYE Played Bass On Early MÖTLEY CRÜE Albums (metaladdicts.com)