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SERPENT CORPSE – Debut Album Details Revealed

On July 5th internationally, TEMPLE OF MYSTERY RECORDS is proud to present SERPENT CORPSE‘s striking debut album, Blood Sabbath, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Hailing from the ever-rising Montreal death metal scene, SERPENT CORPSE are at once foreign and familiar. Blood Sabbath, their full-length debut following a demo in 2021, on first glance feels resolutely old school: straightforward songwriting, analog production, little flash but full fire. And indeed, SERPENT CORPSE do show noble influence from the very early ’90s – foremost among them, the world-eating enormity of classic Bolt Thrower and vigorous D-beating of early Entombed – but along with another set of tweaked influences and, more so, a maniacal manner in which to pursue them, the Canadian quartet prove that the idea of traditional all-caps DEATH METAL is undying and infinite.

The further one steps into the ichor of Blood Sabbath, the more those tweaks take shape – Darkthrone during their death metal days, Seance skewing death ‘n’ roll, the DM-in-glue of classic Cianide, or especially Autopsy’s transition into Abscess – and the more the exemplary songwriting truly begins to shine…or ROT, as it were! For this nine-song/39-minute album sounds as slimy as it does headbanging – and those singed ‘n’ seared leads are the definition of haunting! Coupled with powerfully clear annunciation from vocalist/guitarist Andrew Haddad and mesmerizing cover art courtesy of Lucas Korte, SERPENT CORPSE deliver one of the most essential death metal debuts of recent memory. A festering death awaits!
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