July 18, 2024

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Charlie Benante “Doesn’t See Anything Wrong” With PANTERA Using Backing Tracks At Concerts

PANTERA fill-in drummer Charlie Benante says that he doesn’t see anything wrong with enhancing their show by using backing tracks during their concerts.

In recent years, more and more bands have admitted to relying on pre-recorded tracks, drum triggers and other assorted technology that “makes concerts more synthetic.”

The problem is rockers are now using backing tracks for main instrumentation, which many view as wrong.

The sad fact is that pre-recorded tracks are becoming more common — many rock artists now utilize playback tracks to varying degrees.

TMD recently shocked the world with a new article this May that has rocked the heavy metal world to its foundation, when PANTERA fill-in guitarist Zakk Wylde was busted using a backing track for the PANTERA song “Becoming” during the band’s first U.S. gig in 22 years.

Pantera is the latest metal band being accused of using pre-recorded tracks on stage. 

TheMetalDen.com posted a clip from the group’s May 6th show in Panama City Beach, Florida in which during the song “Becoming” — according to some viewers — shows guitarist Zakk Wylde allegedly performing along to a guitar track by the late-“Dimebag” Darrell.

MÖTLEY CRÜE faced similar accusations when recently footage surfaced of singer Vince Neil lip-syncing at a Crue concert and Nikki Sixx was busted mime-playing along with prerecorded tracks, as confirmed by the ousted Mick Mars.

Benante addressed some rock acts’ reliance on pre-recorded tracks in a Cameo video message requested by the Syncin’ Stanley YouTube channel. Asked for his opinion on singers who use backing tracks for their lead vocals, the drummer said in part: “I really don’t have an opinion about lip syncing or anything like that. I mean, if it’s a full-on, blown-out lip-syncing thing, like I’ve seen some pop or rap artists do, then, yeah, I’m against that, but I don’t see anything wrong with enhancing the show with whatever, [whether] it be a background vocal or a little help. Yeah, I’m cool with it; it’s no big deal.”

The problem is that TMD caught Zakk Wylde playing along to a piped in guitar backing track played by deceased guitarist Dimebag Darrell, the man they are supposed to be honoring and Wylde’s outright disrespectful move to cheat has become very upsetting to fans.

Why not just cut songs from the set that the band cannot perform live properly with the instruments they have on the stage? Why do such an unprofessional job at putting on a rock show?