June 20, 2024

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DRACONIAN REIGN – Release “Before The Gates” Single, Music Video

Blackened deathcore group DRACONIAN REIGN have unleashed an online debut to their single “Before The Gates“. That track can be found on the band’s new EP, “Tragedy Eternal“, which will emerge tomorrow, April 5th via Seek & Strike.

Speaking of the single, their new EP and more, the band comments:

“When we began writing Tragedy Eternal, we were definitely conscious of creating something more streamlined and ambitious. The overarching concepts of this EP are love and death. Each song is loosely connected thematically, especially ‘Before The Gates‘ and ‘The Funeral,’ which are both about the passing of a loved one and the obsession that haunts the survivor.

We think ‘Before The Gates‘ covers all the bases of our sound going forward. It tells the story of two lovers separated by death. The video came together really well and was filmed by the great Loki Films. We also had a great model in Amy Marluca, who spent a few hours in a coffin. Sonically, this song contains more orchestral passages and a guitar solo – two things that weren’t a huge part of ‘Infernal Requiem.’

We definitely spent more time planning each song as a journey for the listener. There are more orchestral passages, but we are very much a riff-driven band. We take influence from bands such as Dimmu Borgir and The Black Dahlia Murder, but run through the lens of gothic fantasy and all things macabre. Enjoy and hopefully we’ll be seeing you on tour across the UK later this month!”