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MÖTLEY CRÜE – Drops The Ball At NFL Draft Performance, Nikki Sixx Caught Fake Playing Again!

MÖTLEY CRÜE took their fake rock show to a whole new level of suck last night when they appeared at the NFL Draft for another pre-recorded performance, on the heels of a nasty lawsuit filed against the band by their former lead guitarist Mick Mars, who said the band ripped him off and is lying to the Crue’s fans, claiming that Nikki Suxx, Fakey Lee and Vince Meal have all been pulling a fast one on hard working Americans and fans around the world.

The Crue mostly fake played a six-song set at the NFL Draft show in Kansas City.

According to Ultimate Guitar site, “the delayed performance featured a series of classics performed with the assistance of dancers who also provided backing vocals. The show moved to the memorial fountain across from the main stage at the city’s Union Station for ”Home Sweet Home” before returning for a finale featuring the Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders. ”How many oldies we got out there?” Vince Meal asked the crowd at one point. ”We got four oldies up here too!””

At the very start, you can hear Nikki Suxx pluck the open E string on his electric bass guitar one time to try and convince everyone he is playing for real, but then it was switched back off and the wonderful fake playing this band is now so well known for began for real. It is clear as day to see that Nikki Suxx was clearly not fretting out notes as needed when really playing a song and not just faking it.

The open E on bass is the lowest note on the instrument. It’s also the note that gives the bass its characteristic sound. When you play an open E, the string vibrates at a low frequency, which produces a deep, rich tone.

Suxx plucking the Open E one note proves he was not really playing, for it was much louder than the bass coming through prerecorded when the song begins.

The second part of the Crue’s pathetic show kicked off with Fakey Lee walking through the crowd with his bandmates talking like a crackhead on a week-long binger. Then the pre-recorded “Home Sweet Home” begins with Lee doing the mime act on the piano. Check out the hilarious footage below.