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MÖTLEY CRÜE Can’t Fire Vince Neil, So They Will “Prop Him Up” In Studio With “Ghost Vocalist”

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s vocalist Vince Neil, 62, has been under major scrutiny as of late since getting caught lip syncing at the Crue’s concerts. In wake of the shocking Mick Mars lawsuit which alleged that everyone in the Crue lineup (not named Mick Mars) was using pre-recorded tracks during all of their comeback concerts starting in 2022, we have now been informed that Vince Neil is going into the studio next to record vocals for the new Crue album, believe it or not. There’s only one problem with that story. Vince cannot actually sing. This is why he is lip syncing at all of the Crue’s concerts.

This is all an elaborate cover up by the Crue since TMD first revealed the truth about Mick Mars being ousted from the band, well ahead of any other premiere metal news sites. The Crue is trying desperately to stop the bleeding from the damning lip-sync revelations, that began when TMD predicted last year that Vince Neil was definitely going to lip sync the entire tour, and then Tommy Lee was caught fake drumming by TMD near the end of The Stadium Tour. They are using Mick as a fall guy so that the attention is diverted off Vince Neil‘s fake vocal performances at Crue gigs. The entire lawsuit is a classic railroad job, in my opinion. It is being carried out to help stop the Crue’s sinking ship from going down like the Titanic.

The major complaint by Nikki Sixx is that Mars was not carrying his weight over the years, contributing very little overall songwriting wise, and making too many errors on the stage, so he secretly ousted the 72-year-old in a move similar to what happened when Vince Neil was fired for being too obsessed with race car driving and John Corabi was brought in to cut the Crue’s self-titled album.

We now know that Vince is definitely faking it live so does that mean he will not actually be singing most of the lyrics in the studio for the new Crue songs?

Pictured: Producer Marti Frederiksen with Scott Stapp

The fans and critics all over the world have been calling for Neil to be fired again, due to his atrocious live performances, and the rotund performer’s seemingly indifferent attitude towards everything.

Let’s not forget a couple years back when Neil quit in the middle of singing and said his “voice is gone” and walked off in front of confused fans, or how about when he drunkenly fell off the stage during a solo gig before the Crue’s comeback? If he is too drunk to even cut a Cameo video properly, or actually sing live at concerts then how is it to be expected that his real voice will be heard on the new Crue album?

Stapp’s 2019 issued solo album produced by the Crue and Vince Neil producer eerily sounds like Crue music…

Vince Neil is beloved, no doubt about that – and must still be part of these horrendous Crue comeback concerts, or the whole things falls apart. Nobody wants to see the Crue without Neil fronting the band. Just keeping it real. So how do you fix the issue? Simple.

Have you ever heard of a “ghost vocalist”?

This is the way the Crue is going to try and save their career from ending up at the bottom of a toilet with a Vince Meal turd, by first pulling off a diversion with the Mick Mars drama, after ousting him for totally illegit reasons. This diversion allows them to work more of their CIA inspired “trickery” behind the scenes, by secretly hiring a famous rock singer, as TMD stated all along would happen.

Did you know that many major pop music superstars have been caught crediting the original vocalist who is singing 70% of a song as only a “background vocals”? 

Think about it. You have a high-level rock singer come into the studio and secretly cut most of the lyrics for the Crue’s songs, allowing for very little of Vince’s real voice singing the same lyrics to make it into the final mix.

Marti Frederiksen‘s recent involvement in the studio as producer and co-writer for Scott Stapp and Vince Neil is very telling, to say the least.

With word that the Crue is moving on without Mars and allowing 52-year-old guitarist John 5 to play on the band’s first full length studio effort in 15 years, the fans have begun to speculate about other member’s needing the help of more seasoned studio musicians and singers to get the finished product ready for commercial release.

TMD revealed that the Crue’s producer Bob Rock will also serve as the glam metal band’s “ghost bassist” and will be the one playing the bass on new Crue tunes… not Nikki Sixx. TMD also exposed the shocking story that singer Vince Neil’s faltering voice will indeed be replaced in the studio by a “ghost vocalist”, believed to be ex-CREED singer Scott Stapp, age 49.

A “ghost vocalist” is a singer who records vocals for a song but is not credited as the lead vocalist. This can happen for various reasons such as the lead vocalist not being able to hit certain notes or the producer wanting a different sound. For example, Amber Riley has acted as a “ghost singer” for Christina Milian, Ashanti and Natasha Ramos on three of their biggest signature hits.

A lot of times due to the big budgets that happen when producing a record of this magnitude, the producer will hire “ghost” studio musicians/singers to help get the production completed at the high level that must be delivered to assure commercial success and a huge return on investment.

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This will all be done as part of the Crue’s defensive strategy to beat Mars in the legal battle now happening. Prop Vince Neil up with a “ghost vocalist” to put on the illusion that the singer is not the center of the band’s problems, and just have him continue to lip sync at concerts. Meanwhile a new Crue album with another singer posing as Vince will do wonders for the glam metal band’s shattered reputation. Think about it.