June 14, 2024

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SOUNDGARDEN – Granted Permission To Release Final Songs With Chris Cornell

The ugly battle between grunge legends SOUNDGARDEN and Vicky Cornell, the widow of the band’s late frontman/guitarist Chris Cornell, has finally been resolved. Fans will recall that the matter hit the courts, as the band sought to gain ownership of a number of recordings they claim were written with “the intention for a new Soundgarden album” at the time.

Vicky, who helps head up the estate of her late husband, retained possession of those recordings and insisted that the band would be granted access to the tracks if certain stipulations were met, including a preferred producer and more. Amid that, there was also various ugliness and accusations thrown about, and a war for the band’s social media accounts.

TMD revealed after multiple years long investigation that Chris Cornell was murdered for what he learned about #Pizzagate as it pertains to the human trafficking scandal tied to late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and the covered up names of the “Johns” in his ‘black book’ – wherein The Metal Den uncovered many shocking pieces of evidence and testimony, being the first to expose to the world the truth for the first time.

The new music coming from SOUNDGARDEN is going to be a very powerful message for the people who thought they could silence Chris Cornell.