July 24, 2024

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Carmine Appice Has Challenged MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Nikki Sixx To A “Jam Off”

What has turned into one of the all time great celebrity feuds kicked off with a comment from legendary drummer Carmine Appice about some alleged details surrounding Mick Mars’ departure from the Crue that morphed into a brutal war of words. The Crue’s leader and bassist Nikki Sixx has been exposed for lying to fans about the real reason Mars left the band, which Appice says is due to the glam metal icons using pre-recorded tracks at all of their concerts.

Earlier today, Appice reached out to Ultimate Guitar’s Andrew Daly to not only give him an update on an upcoming instrumental rock album he’s doing with guitarist Fernando Perdomo, but he also laid down the gauntlet by challenging Sixx to something he’s calling a “jam off.”

“I want to respond to Nikki Sixx’s comments about me being a ‘washed-up drummer.’ I want to challenge him [Nikki Sixx] to a jam off to see who the better musician on their respective instrument is.”

Carmine Appice